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Post by Yabai on Fri May 03, 2019 3:26 pm

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Onizuka, Yabai InKeRB9

Name: Onizuka, Yabai
Clan: Megijima (Onizuka Branch)
Age: 32
Birthday: December 9th
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Pansexual

Onizuka, Yabai KCVPpWP

Village: Sunagakure
Rank: B-Rank

Name: Tarkatan Purebred
Type: Passive
Description: Those of the Onizuka are blessed (or cursed depending how you look at it) thanks to their pure-blooded heritage. All Onizuka share certain characteristics. All tend to have elfish ears, lack lips, sharp teeth that reach up to two inches, and arm-blades (officially called Torkata) which can extend up to four feet the forearm thanks to having specialized joints that allow for ejection and retraction. The teeth and blades of an Onizuka deal weapon damage equal to that of the shinobi's rank, so a D-Rank individual will have teeth that can pierce up to half an inch and blades that can cause one-inch cuts.

The arm-blades initially have a length of two feet from the forearm, which increases by one foot with rank up, up to a total of four feet from the forearm (E-Ranks don't grow). The eject and retract speed of the blades is determined by the shinobi's speed stat as these are considered part of their body.


Name: Chakra Resistant
Type: Positive
Description: A person with this trait is naturally resistant to Chakra, and as such, any time they take physical damage from chakra, that damage is reduced by one tier (Above average damage becomes Average, Average Damage becomes Below Average, Below Average becomes Above Average one rank lower).


Name: Chakra Inefficient
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally poor at molding their chakra, and as such any technique they use costs 10 chakra extra.

Name: Jutsu Inept
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait find themselves having a hard time mastering and crafting new jutsu. Upon character creation they do not receive any free jutsu. Additionally, jutsu take 20% more WC to train.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

Onizuka, Yabai BaQM9Gf

Height: 6’ 6”
Weight: 213 lbs.
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Yellow
General appearance: Yabai can be considered a prime specimen when it comes to identifying what most Onizuka look like. Standing over six feet, he is decently tall and has notably pale skin despite first living on an island and then in the desert. The tips of his ears are pointed in an almost elvish fashion and his mouth, rather than having lips, is full of large and razor-sharp teeth that are ever exposed. He has the characteristic feline-like eyes and upon his upper cheeks are two small spikes on each side, with some supposing them to be degenerate teeth from his infantile days that were just never removed while his forearms bare degenerate spikes around the sheath of his torkata (arm-blades). He is rather muscular, having trained for combat and having engaged in conflicts before becoming a ninja. In-regards to clothing, Yabai wears simple if not rather ragged clothing. He can be typically seen in black shinobi pants and sandals, worn white robes, loincloths, and the like. It should be noted his finger and toenails are claw-like, having not been cut and queerly angular when compared with the average human's.

Onizuka, Yabai Tp2vyT2

Personality: Having been born and raised right on Megijima, Yabai was always pushed towards the warrior's path. Love and compassion, though present, were seated behind strength and violence. Even in his earliest memories he could recall boats of his distant family coming to and fro from the island, baring loot and sometimes even the heads of their latest quarry  alongside his mother singing softly to him as he slept. This, naturally, instituted a sort of disciplined fury within the young Yabai. A fledgling's fire, if you will. Loud, confident, and full of energy, he took every challenge with a wolfish grin.

This, of course, was Yabai during his youth. Yabai, in the present, is a sort of shell of his former self. The confidence he once radiated has been replaced with a sort of universal contempt. Be it for others or himself, however, remains to be seen. Where he was once boisterous and proud he is now silent and cold. He does not cheer for or with others, nor does he conspire against anyone. He sees no need to. He is just a warrior, a shinobi. Another soldier trained to serve both clan and village. He sees no higher glory or valor in it, rather, he is simply doing at what he's best at.

Despite all of this, Yabai does have his moments. He is noticeably much softer and gentler when it comes to young children, especially infants, and typically isn't as abrasive when with young and/or expecting mothers. He seems to hold a fondness towards animals (though will never openly admit it). Not to mention, he isn't very good with money. It's not more so he's a shopaholic or anything, rather, he tends to not pay attention when giving or taking money. He gives what he thinks is enough and just takes what is given to him, making his inadvertently spend more yet get paid less usually.

Likes/Dislikes: Yabai typically enjoys solitude. Having been raised in a very tightly-knit clan, he's grown to appreciate the rare silence of being alone and just existing without others around him. He enjoys hunting (albeit for food and not for sport) as well as foresting, primarily for the aforementioned solitude. He's also rather fond of the idea of botany in-general, wishing to have enough time to plant and maintain a garden somewhere. He enjoys doing his medical research as well despite the connotation of it being feminine in his respective family. His favorite food is roasted pork and his favorite drink is homemade rum or moonshine. He loves to sail, feeling truly on open waters. Yabai also has a knack for poetry and singing, though will never show it to others, as he does not want to be seen as weak. The thing Yabai adores most, however, is combat. It is the one thing that hasn't really changed about him in all the years he's lived, a smile visibly growing on his face when a worthy battle is about to occur. He also loves to sail, feeling truly on open waters.

In-terms of dislikes, Yabai dislikes the idea of someone being so grand and honorable just because of their station. In his eyes. all warriors, be they shinobi, samurai, or whomever, are all just killers and that he is no different. For him, there is no distinction between "honorably slaying” the bandits that keep looting caravans and murdering some poor schmuck down on his luck. Either way, a life has been snuffed out. He doesn't like being interrupted and can hold a grudge against those he really dislikes. He dislikes hunting animals just for sport, seeing it as killing for no proper reason and a waste of possible resources. He dislikes being undermined and those who hold themselves highly for no apparent reason. His least favorite food is cow stomach and his least favorite drink is most juices. He also loathes it when people just stare at him without interacting with him. He isn't some piece of ruined architecture to be groveled at.

Fears/Phobias: Having grown up training, sailing, and killing, Yabai does not have much fears. As a sailor he is naturally not fond of the idea of drowning. He doesn't like having all his senses rendered useless to him (while this may never happen to him, it disturbs him as someone who lives on the lands and needs his prime senses). Most of all, however, Yabai is deathly afraid of heights. Though of course never openly saying so, he would never do things like climb up to the Crow's Nest of a ship or stand on a tree branch without being completely sure he won't fall. This is primarily due to having climbed a very large tree when he would a child and was unable to get down by himself. This is worsened by the fact that no one was able to find him for three days, forcing him to endure hunger, cold from the wind, and lack of sleep due to making sure not to fall.

Ideals and motivations: Yabai very much believes in the clan's religion, devoting himself to its principles and to Lady Kata. He respects his elders, the Okradan, Horkata, and the Kazekage despite his cold nature and strives to do his best to serve and provide for the Megijima and Sunagakure. After all, it’s what he's literally been trained and taught to do from a young age. What else would he be doing if not this? It's either this or be a mercenary and mercenaries tend to go hungry more often. It is what he was literally raised to do.

To give birth on one of the beaches of Megijima at sunset became a popular for the eponymous natives of the island. The soft crashing of the waves, the cool sea breeze, and the beautiful setting of the sun made it a momentous occasion. A beautiful backdrop to the creation of another living being, be it son or daughter. This the case of young Juzō and Kiyoka, two older members of the Onizuka branch. Despite being 45 and 41 respectively, the two were very much enamored with each other and, having no children of their own, tried for one. Their attempt turned out successful, allowing for their only child to be born: Yabai. Both vowed to care for the child as much as they can before letting him out into the world, less due to overprotection and more due to the fact both had already experienced a great deal and wanted to make sure their knowledge passed on to their son. This was primarily because of who they were.

Juzō was the leader of his own little crew that lead raids against bandits and worked as mercenaries for the war at the time. He had been too and seen many things throughout his time. What plants can be used to make medicine, where to slice a man on his body, how people react when cornered, and so on. Kiyoka, on the other-hand, could be considered the more scholarly of the two. Though just as savage as her beloved, she hardly went on raids and, instead, focused on benefitting her knowledge to help the clan. Her trade was information, with the currency being what the info-giver needed. Some extra crops to help feed the starving farmer’s family, a bag of ryo for the greedy deserter, a bottle of sake for the drunken sailor. It did not matter what they needed, for the information they gave helped keep the clan safe or prosper with wealth. Be it a warning of a group of pirates heading their way or the location of some bandit stash. Both Juzō and Kiyoka thought that with their combined tutelage, they can allow Yabai to grow stronger more easily. To be readier for life and all the horrors of it, especially with the war going on.

At around age 4 is when Juzō began to teach Yabai basic combat, both by himself and through spars with the other children. Slowly he brought him through the fundamentals such as how to properly punch and kick, get into proper form, maintain balance, and how to defend before going through more advanced concepts such the natural weak points of the human body and interweave his torkata blades with hand-to-hand combat. At around the same time, Kiyoka had Yabai doing menial tasks. Convince old man Jin to return their rake, try to go buy some bread as cheap as he can, and so on. Little things to sharpen young Yabai’s tongue and wit. Naturally, Yabai took these quite quickly as years went on from being exposed to them from such at a young age that, at around age 9,  little Yabai was known throwing a good punch and having a sharp tongue, both of which being demonstrated often due to his youthful vigor and quick temper. He would happily fight any of the other children and didn’t back down from the adults which, admittingly, granted him quite a few beatings from the older higher-ups or his own father. Regardless, these did nothing to put out the burning fire in Yabai and, if anything, only stirred it to burn even hotter. On his 10th birthday he was allowed to join his father on raids and, promptly, allowed his love for combat to fully show. He never felt more like a warrior while slaughtering bandits on their own island lairs alongside his father and clan before making off with their ill-gotten gains.

This was Yabai’s life for 6 years. He pillaged, killed, looted, and grew moderately wealthy in his own right while also talking down merchants, sailors, and the like for better prices or information. He had made a name for himself and was respected amongst the company of his father’s crew and some of the other clansmen. That is, at least, he met her. A small guild of merchants had stopped on their island on their way to the Kaze no Kuni, with the Horkata allowing them to stay as long as they need. After all, this was a golden opportunity to possibly get deals on any wares they cannot produce or easily find themselves in return for allowing the merchants to stay. Amongst them were Kaminari no Kuni ninja, apparently guarding the merchants for a cut at their profits. Among them was a young girl, a year older than Yabai. She looked unlike anything the young Onizuka had seen before. Her skin was dark and smooth, unlike the filthy outlaws he hunted, and her hair was long and dreaded. Her eyes were hazel (an eye color very uncommon to the Megijima) and her general face was round. Her lips shined and, unlike the few Fujioka Yabai has seen, weren’t marred with signature fangs of the Megijima. Her voice was soft but firm and her form, while nothing at all special under normal circumstances, for some reason enraptured the monstrous teenager. Her name, he later found out, was Kitsuno Hashiba and Yabai couldn’t help but think of her.

Though afraid of the idea of his affection towards an outsider being known by the clan, he couldn’t contain himself and began to write. He wrote short love poems, simplistic at first, and would leave them by her bed on the ship will everyone was during the day so that she could read them at night. Day after day he did this, writing more and more and leaving her with the elusive initials of Y.O. on his poems as he watched from afar. Days turned into weeks as Yabai went as far as to sabotage the ship, forcing the merchants take trips from Megijima to the Kaze no Kuni and back on the clan’s ships as their own was repaired. Eventually, Yabai had gained enough confidence to come face to face with his beloved. Having made sure to let her know that he was an Onizuka through his poetry beforehand, Yabai constructed a simple note:

Meet me on the eastern beach at midnight.

Naturally Yabai got there early and, not wanting to be seen, hid among the bushes until Kitsuno arrived. Hours passed, and the sky grew darker, yet no sign of the kunoichi. He began to have doubts. He didn’t even know if she liked his poetry or if she ever read them. She could’ve thrown them overboard for all he knew. What if she’s going to tell the clan that one of their members has  been trying to court her? What if she’s repulsed by his appearance despite his poems making it obvious about what he is? Yabai kept asking more and more questions, his confidence diminishing further and further until he heard footsteps. Peeking from his hiding place, Yabai saw a lone women on the beach. Dark-skinned, dreaded hair, wearing a floral kimono. She held an unsure expression as she stood awkwardly, alone on the beach.

"... Hi."

She turned around to see Yabai slowly walk from the bushes, fists tightly clenched and his yellow eyes glowing in the night air. Neither said anything as the distance was slowly closed and, soon, stood face-to-face. Silence permeated the air, which seemingly grew thick as both simply stared, taking each other in. To Yabai, she was beautiful. Delicate yet strong. Soft. Even as she quizzically looked at him as if trying to comprehend what he even is, he felt nothing but admiration for her.

"Yabai Onizuka. It's uh... nice to meet you...?"

Silence again shrouded them, at least, until Kitsuno began to laugh, much to Yabai's confusion.

"Well, at least you don't talk like how you right, otherwise I'd feel kinda dumb."

The two stayed on the beach and spoke for a long while, talking about each and who they are. What do they do and so forth. This continued until the morning sun began break over the waves. Sleep deprived but content, the two separated with promise of meeting again tomorrow night. And so they did, along with the next night, and that night after that, and the night after that. Days once again turned to weeks and two were actively dating in secret, least the clan discover that one of their members broke on of their more important religious rules. Being so young, however, both Kitsuno and Yabai were sloppy and signs of their courtship could be recognized by those who looked hard enough. This is how his parents both began to suspect him, how he would just disappear with hours on end and come back ragged. He'd also use the excuse of sparing or training by himself, yet there were no signs of such things in their usual training area. Some also noticed the short, quick looks both would give each other when in the vicinity, noting how... meaningful their looks seem to be. Soon the two came an impasse, however. The merchants were finally leaving the island, as Yabai could only sabotage so much until they discover the culprit, forcing Kitsuno to return home. This presented the couple with only two options:

Never see each other ever again
Run away

Despite almost every fiber in his being telling him to not leave, Yabai decided to escape from the clan and live his life with Kitsuno. To start a family and be with her. Thus, when the merchant ship finally left the island, so did they. Yabai stowed away among the cargo while Kitsuno acted as if everything was normal, making sure no one ventured into the cargo-bay. Once on the Kaze no Kuni, the duo made a run for it in an attempt to find a village they can lay low at and essentially restart their lives. Due to not being familiar with the desert environment, however, both became equally lost and short on resources. Most of their water was used up within the first few days and food was scarce to come by, with most the desert wildlife driven off because of the war. Because of this, it took no time at all for a now 61 year old Juzō and his crew to track and easily catch up the young couple. Loyal to the end, he revealed what he knew of Yabai's relationship to Kitsuno to the Horkata who, after much persuasion and mild begging from both Juzō and Kiyoka, decided to give an ultimatum: Cease the relationship and return home, or face judgement by the Megijima.

After giving them the choice, Juzō began to beg his son to return home, that everything will be fine if he does and that he'll even ensure that Kitsuno would be escorted back to her fellow shinobi safely. Kitsuno, on the hand, tugged at Yabai's arm, telling him that they can make it and start anew. That they can go somewhere far away and live as they like. That they can get married and have a family. Yabai, however, merely stood still as he looked into his father's and Kitsuno's pleading eyes. Silent, tired, and defeated, Yabai slowly turned to Kitsuno and merely mouthed a simple "I can't" before slowly walking away to join by Juzō's side. With his eyes cast down and sorrow filling his being, Yabai returned home without even a goodbye to Kitsuno, having watched as she was ushered onto the merchant before he himself boarding his father's boat.

Thus, he returned home. He was spurned and shunned for his breaking of the rule, both by his peers and higher-ups, though he didn't care. He was already empty. With this in mind, Yabai continued his life. He trained long and hard physically, figuring that due to be looked down upon he might as cease using his silver tongue in lieu of strength. Over the years Yabai slowly began to regain the respect he once had. He became more and more fierce in battle and more and more violent to those who stoked his temper. He raided more and more, even surprising his father with his ferociousness as he fell upon bandit after bandit. It was around age 22 that Yabai was considered back in good standing, having built a reputation of brutality among the clan. Because of this, he was finally allowed to venture off the island with his father's crew and do mercenary work within the Kaze no Kuni, allowing him to slowly learn the terrain and the fauna that lived on it. This continued for a few more years, having resigned himself to his clan, before pledging his allegiance to Sunagakure, seeing it as what he should do considering how the Megijima pledged themselves to it, allowing him to become a shinobi at around age 30. Since then, he's been doing essentially what he's always been doing: killing whom he is told to kill or help who he is told to help.

Face claim: Baraka (Mortal Kombat X) | Mortal Kombat

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Onizuka, Yabai YRDkr5S

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