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Death & Combat Rules Empty Death & Combat Rules

Post by Cloaked Figure on Sun May 12, 2019 11:54 am

Death & Combat Rules 0M9DbHZ

Combat is a focal point of the Naruto Mythos world both in the internal struggles and conflicts that will drive your character to do great things and grow, as well as the external struggles against enemies foreign and domestic in this universe. In some ways, Mythos is driven by combat and we in no way wish to shy away from that but there are some ground rules to lay forth and guidelines to follow in order to facilitate an enjoyable and appropriate experience for everyone involved. Though this section does apply to all forms of combat, we are most interested in detailing player vs player combat (PvP) on the forum but do expect that player vs environment (PvE) combat is handled similarly as well.

Death & Combat Rules F4hvRsm

Firstly, if you choose to engage in PvP on Mythos or end up in outside of your own means, we do strive to guarantee that (in the end of things) you are not subject to someone else's will when it comes to combat. To elaborate on this concept before any alarms go off for too long, this mostly refers to unwanted killing of players, vague manipulation, godmodding, etc... The key expectation is that all Mythos players should think carefully about the capabilities of their character and what they truly think that a ninja of their rank should be able to do and treat both yourself and your enemies to that same standard.

As an absolute rule on Mythos, vague manipulation of another person's character and Godmodding are absolutely disallowed and will be a quick path to having your threads voided and/or being removed from Mythos itself. To clarify, vague manipulation is the act of taking egregious liberties in your opponent's writing (or even what they didn't write) in order to give yourself a huge advantage. There is a difference between filling in details of the environment for your battle and suddenly filling in the gaps to give yourself an advantage. Godmodding is any writing that controls the actions, thoughts, or otherwise of another character not your own.

Of course, there are more examples to this and situations that could fall under our disallowed section but it is easiest to say that combat is handled on a case-by-case basis independently as needed. We as Mythos staff would ask each player to work alongside their enemy and allied combatants to compromise and come up with solutions that everyone can be agreeable to but if an a situation can't be resolved then staff can be called on to give a final and explicit answer to what can/can't be done or what did happen within a thread.

Death & Combat Rules BhAq4U6

Death on Mythos is a very highly regarded subject. It is our hopes and wishes that your players don't die but as an inevitability, every story comes to end at some point. With our hopes and wishes though, we want to lay out a few rules about Player Character deaths and what to do when that should come to or threaten to pass.

Firstly, we strive to make sure that your characters are not unjustly killed off (basically, against your whim). As long as you're not doing anything to bring your imminent demise upon yourself (ie. if you invade a kage summit to commit a crime, then you bring those consequences upon yourself) then it will be nigh impossible for your character to be killed in that instance. This rule serves mostly to protect those players of lower rank and experience from being grieved and having nothing to do based purely on their own character's strength. Additionally, this rule works to protect against those characters that might be interested in taking that dark path themselves or partaking in highly negative past times like murder hobo'ing (that is: A player character who wanders the gameworld, unattached to any community, indiscriminately killing and looting).

To clarify, it is not against the rules to murder hobo as it is, to have no attachments is fine. It is only against the rules to grief against Player Characters without their consent. Players who decide to indiscriminately start killing can and will be met with their own player being killed against their will and/or being banned if it's particularly egregious. On Mythos, we also display a certain penchant against those who seek to insta-kill their enemies with no forewarning or chance to counter-act this. This is purely in the interest of the story of things and if a character is fine with being killed immediately, then it may be done so. In any other instance though, attempts to instantaneously end another Player's character will be voided out (though this may vary wildly between characters because of their abilities, any action that would render a player deceased immediately falls under this category).

Of course, all of this falls into the case-by-case basis and it is perfectly fine to ask for a staff member to clarify or intervene on your behalf.

The second most important part, once it is an assurance that your character is or will be dead, is to address, "What happens next?"

Basically, on Mythos, we want to make sure that all of the work of your character isn't totally lost. That is why we will allow those with fully deceased characters (that is, PC's that are dead and can't be resurrected outside of staff-sponsored events to use them as NPC's where fit), to create new characters with certain starting perks and allowances. Your deceased character can essentially be traded out for a new character that can start up to one rank lower (but no higher than B-rank) on a separate account.

To clarify, the death of an A or S-rank character will net you a new B-rank character and otherwise, it is just 1 rank lower of what your character was before. This new character can be related or attached to the existing one or brand new and completely different from anything you've done before. With this new character, you will be allotted all of your stats up to the rank you are (so a new B-rank character will get the full amount of stats they would get in order to reach B-rank as it were) and half of your jutsu returned. With your jutsu, this does not mean that if you had 10 jutsu, you get 5 to allocate as you choose, it halves it by rank as well. A character that would have 1 S-rank, 2 A-rank, 5 B-rank, 10 C-rank, and 20 D-rank jutsu dies, then the new character would have 0 S-rank, 1 A-rank, 2 B-rank, 5 C-rank, and 10 D-rank jutsu for free upon their character's creation.

None of the ryo or the KKG advancements from the previous character will be transferred forward as ryo is symbolic of play-time and effort and should be accrued independently on the new character and KKG's vary so wildly it is hard to say what is equivalent (ie. some abilties may take many more words to train than others).
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