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Welcome Announcement! Empty Welcome Announcement!

Post by Cloaked Figure on Sun May 12, 2019 11:58 am


Welcome Announcement! Tumblr_mdtjwj73cH1qzmfk8o1_500

Greetings one and all, and welcome Naruto Mythos! We are all very excited to finally get this project rolled out to all of you, and we look forward to all of the amazing roleplaying experiences that we are sure to have as we move forward in this new setting together! The purpose of this announcement is twofold. First of all, this is how we are officially giving you all permission to get started with character creation, clan creation, and all of that other fun stuff! Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Setting. Secondly, this announcement is to let you know of special opportunities and notices that go along with beginning a new roleplaying site. We are happy with the system we have made so far, but ultimately this these first few months will almost certainly come with some with changes. Below are some important things to remember!

1. As was stated above, any rules, clans, templates, definitions, or anything at all for that matter is open to being changed. If the staff find anything wrong with the way the rules are currently written, then we will alter them in order to better the site at our discretion. Please make sure everything you have already posted is in line with the current guidelines.

2. Just because anything could change, it doesn’t mean that you should hold back at all in terms of plot or characters. Everything that happens in these first few months will still be canon in the Mythos universe.

3. With the note above in mind, there will be some higher starting ranks available for those that request them. The only restriction is that for each village we will have 1 S-Rank slot, 2 A-Rank slots, and 3 B-Rank slots for starting ranks. There will also be a spot open for any wishing to apply to be a village's first Kage (more on that below). As these slots fill up, they will be recorded below. Please note, if you want to start at a higher rank your character application should be of an exceptional tier, especially for the limited ranks. Even beyond that, if you want access to a Clan ability upon character creation, the measure of that application must be even more exceptional, and the details of how the ability was unlocked/trained should be outlined in your character's history. This is only available if you start at a higher rank.

3. Any characters wishing to begin as Kage of a village must say so in their character modding request. As mentioned above, any Kage Character applications must be of exceptional quality and will be thoroughly scrutinized by staff and administrators. Applicants will also be asked questions privately by staff to ensure that they are willing to work with the staff to encourage activity and be committed to their village. If the staff, for any reason, feel that the applicant is not suitable for the position, they reserve the right to deny that person the position.

4. Limiteds have not been created yet, but as people get to the point where they want to unlock limiteds, they will be created. Until that time, do not create characters that can use anything that could be considered a limited. If you are unsure, please ask a staff member.

5. Canon jutsu created by players will get added to the jutsu libraries and made available to everyone. Furthermore, canon clans may be created by anyone, though if a staff member mentions that they are already in development (for whatever reason) then the staff version of the clan will replace others.

6. Things will only be modded if they are put in their respective modding request threads. If you make something, no matter how wonderful it is we won’t see it unless you request for it to be modded.

7. We want your feedback! We can’t read every thread that is made or analyze every small exploit in the system so please, drop off your suggestions and concerns in the Suggestion Box!

We are very excited to get things rolling, and we look forward to seeing what you all have in store for Naruto Mythos!
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