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Post by Cloaked Figure on Sun May 12, 2019 12:14 pm

Recruiting Event! TvWKQ7x

Welcome to the Mythos Recruitment event!

We here at Mythos are looking to increase our player-base and want to offer you the chance to help us! As well as give back to those who are already showing the site to people. As such we are introducing the Mythos Recruitment Event. A limited time event where you will receive rewards for each and every bring you bring to the site.

It's as simple as follows, each time you bring a new member to the site and they create a character (Character must be approved), Have that person use the following template to post here.

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Link to Character Sheet:[/b] (Must be approved)
[b]Link to Referrer's Account:[/b]

Each time someone is referred to the site, the person referred will receive 2 free stat points, 250 Ryo, and 2 C-rank jutsu. The person who made the referral will receive 1 free stat point, as well as 250 ryo, and 1 C-rank jutsu. Additionally you will receive additional rewards based on the number of people you have referred.

2 People Referred: 400 Ryo
3 People Referred: 4 Stat Points
4 People Referred: 2 C-rank Jutsu (Can be converted to D-rank jutsu, or up to 1 B-rank jutsu)
5 People Referred: 1 B-rank Item or 3 Stat points
10 People Referred: 50% training reduction on 1 thread of choice and (1 A-rank Jutsu or 1 B-rank Item)
15 People Referred: Removal of 1 Negative Trait, or 1 Free positive Trait (can go above max)
20 People Referred: 5000 Ryo and 4 Stat points.
50 People Referred: Become a Jinchūriki of a tailed beast of your choice (This reward requires you to work with staff, and may require you to take on certain responsibilities. Be warned.)

Additionally, we like competition here at Mythos and so we will be holding a small one for this event. As players post here, we will be updating a leader-board hosted right here on this post, and the members who recruit the most people at the end of the event will receive additional rewards.

1st place: 15 Stat points, 2k Ryo, 50% training reduction for 2 months.
2nd place: 10 Stat points, 1k ryo, 25% training reduction for 2 months.
3rd place: 5 Stat points, 500 ryo, 25% training reduction for 1 month.

Recruiting Event! UCxQtlZ

This event will last for 3 months at the time of it's posting (ends on August 12th 2019), and you have 2 weeks after it closes to claim your rewards (til August 26th 2019). Official announcements will be posted when the event begins to close down. Furthermore as a reminder, it is okay and even recommend to post to the administration request thread when you post to claim rewards. It is also important to remember that alternate accounts do not count for this reward, and only entirely new players count for the rewards.
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