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Post by Psychosis on Mon May 13, 2019 12:18 am

Kuro Hoshi YikrbeybT

Kuro Hoshi InKeRB9

Name: Hoshi, Kuro
Clan: N/A
Age: 19
Birthday: 3/14
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Heterosexual

Kuro Hoshi KCVPpWP

Village: Kumogakure
Rank: S Rank - Jounin
Name: Muscular
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally strong, and has an easy time building muscle. As such they receive a passive buff of +1 Tier to their Strength and can throw objects 5m/s faster than their Strength would normally allow.

Name: Quick
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally fast, and has an easy time building up their speed. As such they receive a passive buff of +1 Tier to their Agility and can reach peak speeds 5m/s higher than their Agility would normally allow.

Name: Durable
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait is has an exceptional natural endurance. As such they receive a passive buff of +1 Tier to their Constitution. Additionally, they can maintain their top speed or strength for a single post more than their Constitution would normally allow before needing to take a break.

Name: Black Chakra
Type: Passive
Description: The character's chakra is a unique color, in this case, black. Any jutsu that would display chakra would show a black smoke-like chakra, rather than the blue flames the average man has.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

Name: Specialist
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait focus on fewer skills, instead choosing to focus more on those that come naturally. Therefore, they can only train up to 23 total Specialization Points instead of 25.

Name: Chakra Inefficient
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally poor at molding their chakra, and as such any technique they use costs 10 chakra extra.

Kuro Hoshi BaQM9Gf

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 225lbs
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Gold
General appearance: With blue hair, and golden eyes, Kuro has a striking appearance, easily visible within a crowd, even without his boisterous personality factoring in. Oddly, his clothes are much closer to a normal ninja's, if a bit less protective. His casual outfit tends to be a sleeveless white shirt or vest of some kind, with a long white scarf hiding his mouth. His pants are the natural black loose fitting sort any shinobi would wear when on duty, though his shoes are certainly not. Instead of tabi, or sandals, Kuro wears something similar to dress shoes, black in color, for comfort.

However, Kuro has a certain fondness for armor, and thus his combat attire, tends to be very different. His armor tends to be a black and red metallic sort, looking almost demonic in its nature, with his face covered by a decorative mask, reinforced to work as a helment for his armor. The mask has many tribal and mystic symbols on it, with no mouth hole, but decorations resembling a mouth on the surface of it.

Regardless of the outfit, Kuro's stature is exactly what one would expect of someone who thinks of horrifyingly difficult sword fights as 'amusing', to have. That is to say, his musculature is focused in particular regions, that being his arms, hands, legs, and stomach. This is due to his bizarre combination of fighting styles, which even change his movement. His body contains only a single scar, that being a cut on his shoulder, where a tattoo of a star rests, bisected by the scar.

Kuro Hoshi Tp2vyT2

Personality: Despite his chakra's nature, and his name, the one word to sum up Kuro's personality would be "Light". His entire purpose in life is to shine constantly, being a symbol of either fear or hope to those who see him. Because of this, he tends to do things specifically to stand out and carve himself a legend. This means he objects to the idea of conformity, and anything hindering individuality. However, despite his individualistic nature, Kuro genuinely believes that every person should put forward the effort to improve humanity as a whole, beginning at the smallest levels. In this, Kuro displays an uncommon kindness, often helping people just to help. However, as with any descriptive word, there are more meanings to Light than one. When Light is focused, it burns. As such, Kuro's anger is a terrifying force, particularly when it is focused on one person, then it could be compared to a laser, rather than a fire or glacier. Despite the strength of a laser, they tend to fade fast, as does Kuro's anger. Forgiveness is easy, usually. It only takes fixing the mistake made, or even attempting. Kuro dislikes holding grudges, but keeps the characteristics displayed by someone in mind, even if they are forgiven. Essentially, this means he will be more prone to believe that someone will betray him again if they did it before, and vice versa. Despite his blunt mannerisms, and direct nature, Kuro is a stunningly intelligent individual, particularly when it comes to reasoning. His perceptive nature helps cement this, as he can usually predict how others will react to certain stimuli, allowing him to control conversations without a problem. Despite his lack of knowledge in areas that do not involve chakra, combat, and people, Kuro is a quick learner, usually by using what he already knows to apply new knowledge to. However, the most dangerous part of his mind is his adaptive mindset, where shock and fear immediately cause action, rather than any sort of freezing-up. This is because of both his personality, and his life as a warrior.

Outside of combat, he tends to exaggerate his emotions, playing into things much more, such as pretending to be afraid when he finds it humorous, or being purposefully stubborn to irritate people. Kuro finds these small actions to be more amusing than constantly being serious. An odd side effect is that people often misunderstand him, thinking he is hiding some grand plan that they do not understand. It could be said that instead of seeing the Light he is, they see the shadows cast from the light. Despite his almost unnatural skill in stealth and manipulation, Kuro prefers to avoid them, favoring direct conflict over deceit and sneaking. However, he is not unwilling to do that when necessary, often resorting to raw pragmatism over his favored tactics. His lack of tact and care when dealing with others often shows up in his perversion and complete unwillingness to deal with politics. His ascension to S rank was entire due to power, as he had no desire to curry favor among the council. This does cause some contention between him and those who look down on the clanless or non-nobles.

  • Combat: Kuro loves all forms of combat, even mental. Any chance he has to test himself, he will generally take, unless the risks are too high. Even so, he is well known to display his feats openly with pride.
  • Self-Awareness: Dealing with people who truly understand themselves and their positions is much preferable to dealing with the ignorant and foolish, to Kuro.
  • Women: Because of his lack of social awareness, and manners, Kuro is often found sneaking into bathhouses to train. Solely to make sure he can function with distractions, he claims.
  • Swords: A healthy respect for swordsmanship developed from his training, and so Kuro came to love swords in general. Despite being able to use other types of weapons, none ever came to be as loved as swords.
  • Learning: While he may not seem the intellectual type, Kuro has a deep love for learning, even with relatively useless information. Despite this, he often lets the information come to him, rather than seek it out, unless it is needed.  


  • Formality: Kuro developed a hatred for the idea of formality, and sees it as a waste of time, something only worth ignoring.
  • Elitism: The idea that one person is better than another by birth is an intolerable ideology to Kuro, bringing him to prove all of them wrong, usually just by existing, even if they would rather ignore his existence.
  • Weakness: Not physical weakness, but mental weakness, those who think only on the surface level, ignorant to deeper thinking or self-analysis.
  • Money: Part of Kuro's mindset makes him believe everyone should help each other at least to live, and thus money becomes irrelevant. This makes him think of money as a sort of extension towards the idea that only some people deserve to live.

Fears/Phobia’s: Facing all sorts of situations that would break a man left Kuro without much fear, and the one thing he could truly be said to fear is failure. The idea of having expectations for himself, and not living up to them. This fear rarely comes up, but had an enormous role in his past.

There is also the idea of "nothing", which is a rather existential threat to Kuro. Where failure can be fixed, or worked on, the concept of nothing affects Kuro, because if it were to happen to him, it would become a self-destructive cycle. In essence, he has great concern for a lack of progress in any area, hindering his patience. Another way to say this, is that he fears the life of an average civilian, whose only concern is basic labor for the day.

Ideals and motivations: There are two core beliefs which Kuro holds to. The first is individualism, the belief that each person should decide their lives for themselves. In essence, everyone must make and face their own choices, even if they receive help, so long as they actively make the decision. His issues with slavery and blind followers stem from this ideal. To put it simply, a man is only a man when he chooses to be, as Kuro believes. This does cause problems, however, with him looking down on those who have been manipulated so easily by others.

The second belief is human exceptionalism. Kuro believes in non-human things besides summons, but believes humanity as a whole is the greatest thing, only failing to reach the stars because they have not felt the need to. Kuro seeks to change that. Naturally, this comes with a strange mindset, mostly due to his mind thinking of "humanity" first, before borders. While loyal to his village, Kuro has no real hatred for any other village, or even clan. With his love for individuality and humanity, his hatred is entirely personal, but as are the rest of his emotional connections.
History: Being born to a group of mercenaries who functioned more as assassin's, Kuro's childhood was designed to forge him into an assassin as well. However, despite his natural inclination for stealth and subterfuge, Kuro prefer open combat. His family disapproved of this mentality, and sought to push him to the breaking point so that he would give up on that path. Unfortunately for them, Kuro met and surpassed all their expectations, easily shattering the strongest of the assassin's feats. Thus a fundamental difference between Kuro and the others became clear. As much as Kuro was born to kill, he was equally born to fight. While certainly not happy with the reality of the situation, his family was eager to take advantage of it.

Where before, the group could never stray far from stealth missions, they now had someone who could take on the more brutal and confrontational missions, an unexpectedly useful boon with the Clan Wars heating up. As the group did not have any bloodline ability, they were comparatively weak, at least against the bloodline clans. Kuro, while being used as a weapon of mass destruction, had little trouble enjoying his life. His family did not outright hate him, even if they did not respect him. Even so, he made the group enough money that they could all live comfortably, which Kuro thought was the goal. He was wrong, of course.

Kuro, upon deciding he had enough, suggested the clan just use the money and stop their assassinations. His father told him they did not kill because they needed money, but because it was who they were. This caused the first of many arguments between the two, the next caused by Kuro's interest in more intellectual pursuits. While he knew how to read, Kuro rarely had the chance to, until he began to buy, and subsequently hoard, books. By the time he was finished, he had a library to himself, full of anything he saw as useful. Unfortunately, this did not help him with any sort of people skills, or social awareness.

Kuro mellowed as he grew to adulthood, his more fiery nature calming, both due to his intellectual growth, and his body's growth. While he had mostly accepted he could not change his clan so easily, Kuro was willing to slowly change their lifestyles, introducing them to merchants who happily sold to the mercenaries, who were not particularly threatening after a carriage ride through an Uchiha/Senju battlefield. The merchants stayed near the clan for a few years, during which time Kuro met a blacksmith named Tsubaki. The female blacksmith was quite skilled, particularly at chakra-metal and swords. Because of this, as well as his aversion to his family, he stayed near her often, learning and helping around with her work, whenever he was not on a mission. In return, he often gave her books and souvenirs of his travels. It could be said that she is the reason he came to think humanity was a great thing, rather than something to be fixed.

Tsubaki eventually crafted several weapons for Kuro, two greatswords, a Katana, and a bow, as well as several others. Kuro, not knowing the culture that Tsubaki hailed from, did not understand that it was a marriage proposal. Naturally, it took Tsubaki more or less throwing herself at him for him to get the idea. Three weeks before they were set to wed, Kuro left on a do-or-die mission, as the Kaguya were apparently hunting his group for revenge. Because almost no one else in the group had the raw martial skill to face a single Shikotsumyaku user, they sent him alone. At least, that was what he had been told.

While it was a difficult fight, Kuro eventually resorted to choking the Shikotsumyaku user to death, as he could not kill him from stabbing or slashing, despite how hurt the Kaguya had been from each attack. Upon returning to the group, Kuro found the entire merchant group had been slaughtered, including Tsubaki. Rather than the expected rage, Kuro only felt numb. Confronting his father, Kuro learned that the entire group had agreed, his marriage with Tsubaki could not be allowed, though they had not come to the final decision until after he had left.

It was not some black-out rage that drove Kuro during this time, nor was it the all-consuming fire that most expect. It was a focus he had never felt. His family had ruined his future, and destroyed his friends and fiancee. If they lived, they would continue. His efforts to change them had been fruitless, so they would only continue murdering for the sake of murder. They had to go. The first to fall was his father, a sense of detachment preventing any empathy from leaking through while he impaled his father on his wedding-sword. The rest of the clan fell quickly after, many accepting their fate and welcoming their end, as any who lives through death should. Kuro's slaughter of his former family had flattened the hill they were stationed on, and burned down the forest that hid them.

After his slaughter, Kuro moved from place to place, hunting bandits and murderers that were too small to send clans on, but too big to ignore. Having no belongings besides weapons, clothes, and books meant he needed money rather quickly. His items became easy to move with storage seals, thanks to him helping a civilian Uzumaki return to their clan. Still, he was left unsatisfied. While he liked the Uzumaki, Kuro did not feel at home with them, despite their kindness. He left soon after he arrived.

It was a difficult mission that changed his life once more. This time, an Uchiha had betrayed his kin and murdered his wife for the sake of power. He was not given much more information than that, but he assumed it had something to do with the black fire and giant armor he dealt with. It was perhaps the most difficult fight he had ever been in, but it caught the attention of future Raikage, Shinji Yakurai. Shinji informed him of his interest in strong individuals, and Kuro had little reason to deny. Particularly since it seemed the world itself was changing, where even once hateful clans were becoming allies to form villages. He felt himself actually want to be part of that change, and that spawned his desire to see humanity move forward, to come together and move beyond the gods themselves.
After all, it takes a human to kill a god.

Faceclaim: Black Star, Soul Eater

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Post by Kyoshi on Tue May 21, 2019 3:03 pm

Hey so this is great! Good work. The only issue I see is this line in the history:

"It was perhaps the most difficult fight he had ever been in, but it caught the attention of future Raikage, Shinji Yakurai."

Since he hasn't been approved as Raikage yet, I can't approve this into your history until that is done. If you take out the line or remove the bit about him being Raikage, it should be fine. Otherwise you'll just have to wait.


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Post by Miyuki on Sat May 25, 2019 9:59 pm

This looks really good. A couple of things need to be fixed before I can approve it though. You were approved to start at S-Rank, which means that some of your sections need their word count increased: General Appearance, Fears/Phobias and Ideals and Motivations.

The passive ability that you have listed needs to be removed. Abilities like that will be applied for in Clans, Jutsu, Items etc. but not in Characters. Fix those things up and I can approve this for you.


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Post by Psychosis on Thu May 30, 2019 1:40 am

Edited, and I was told to put it there as it is entirely aesthetic, and passive. You referred to it as an ability though, so did I word it incorrectly? Its meant just to be a coloration of chakra.

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Post by Eizō on Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:08 am

Approved! (Sorry, no fancy approved image yet D:)

However, as a note. Your weapons you describe will still have to be approved to be used IC in the future (I'm sure you know but I need to say it anyways). And the passive trait is fine? We've been discussing it internally and all, but if it comes that we don't want to allow the passive traits, you're more than free to apply it as a passive jutsu (E-rank 0 chakra cost since it's aesthetic) if that day comes along~


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