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Post by Nagisa on Sat May 25, 2019 2:50 pm

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Name: Horikoshi, Nagisa
Clan: None
Age: 14
Birthday: June 11th
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Homosexual

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Village: Sunagakure
Rank: E-Rank

Name: Jack of All Trades
Type: Positive
Description: Those with this trait are better at learning and applying a wider range of skills. Therefore, they are able to train two additional Specialization points.
Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

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Height: 5'1
Weight: 110 lb
Hair: Green
Eyes: Grey
General appearance:
Nagisa is a dark-skinned boy with dark green hair which he has tied into a short messy ponytail, utilizing an orange band to do this. Accompanying this band is a pair of orange-yellow hairclips to help with his bangs. When his hair is let down it can reach down to his back, making him have particularly long and messy hair for a male. He wears few outfits depending on the occasion, but most often wears a black short-sleeved shirt loosely over his thin torso. He accompanies this with a pair of yellow board shorts with orange and white flowers on them, orange shoes and an orange sack on his back. Another outfit he wears for special or celebratory occasions is tribal in nature, utilizing leaves, flowers, and various sorts of beads on his arms and legs to create an appearance that can be associated with what an islander tribal member would wear. He also generally has white paint in various designs and symbols marking his body when he wears this outfit as well, with the orange hairband replaced with a band of flowers or grass. The final outfit is for very special occasions involving his tribe on official business, where as a representative of his family he wears a yellow haori embroidered with a flower-like design and white triangular patterns along the bottom edges of it, accompanied with a pair of rolled-up white pants and a thick belt of white rope or a standard orange belt around his waist.

Horikoshi, Nagisa Tp2vyT2

Personality: A wild child from a wild family, Nagisa is generally an upbeat extrovert looking for adventure. He has some sass about him that comes out when he sees obstacles in front of him and what he sets himself out to be, and that thing can be whatever he wants. He's an optimist, looking at cups half-full and seeing opportunities to make it fuller. He sees life as an experience he needs to own and finds freedom in his pursuits. A creative mind lies within seeking to turn the ordinary into something new, to dab into all the arts and find creative freedom in whatever he has to do. This leads to him being a dreamer, a person that becomes too obsessed with ideals to see that they're flying too close to the sun. His imagination runs wild alongside his active personality, and the two combines to make this individual a tad too much for some. He can sometimes be a bull in a china shop, where he bulldozes on through and accidentally breaks a few things along the way.

He is also a tad greedy due to his not being raised to really respect money for what it is. His greed is further fueled by his inability to actually handle currency which can lead to his being on a constant loss of funds. He can also be selfish as he follows an ideology where it's alright to consider what you want first before others. Why make others happy while you're miserable? That's like stabbing yourself and giving your neighbor the bandages because they had a papercut, and because he is unable to perceive the other side of the spectrum he also can become close-minded and stubborn when it comes to things he wants or sets out to reach.

With that being said it's not like he isn't kind, just that he lacks a sort of filter that helps him be more refined. He is a diamond in the rough when compared to his family where he has the capabilities to be a selfless soul, but hasn't experienced enough to make him learn what becoming one means. His family; the Horikoshi Family, isn't an official clan, but they are still a tribe, and as such they have core values which Nagisa sets out to follow: Respect those that deserve it and not those that make it a requirement, Don't kneel to anyone, and always respect nature. The Horikoshi Family and the Pueki-Pueki Tribe as a whole were once a jungle tribe, and as such they may respect the pecking order of the village, but Nagisa was raised to be his own man, not to be a tool for another. Defiance lies with independence and Respect is without bias, and that is what makes Nagisa who he is.

Likes/Dislikes: Nagisa enjoys nature, but doesn't care for the desert. When he was younger he remembers the lush forests and jungles his family traveled through and how beautiful everything was. The soaking humid climate with heavy rains is where he once was and is what he dreams of seeing again rather than the vast wasteland that is his current home. He enjoys meat, seafood and the taste of fruit, but hates vegetables because of how they're generally not juicy. His favorite color is green with his second being cyan, while his least favorite is brown because of how dirty it looks. He finds hobbies he likes in particular to be things like free-running, art, and dancing. He absolutely can't stand sharing what he thinks he earned. It's completely out of the question for him to be generous when he earned something and usually will need to get pressured to.

Fears/Phobia’s: Fear is subjective in how major or minor it can be. Nagisa fears spiders and he generally holds a disdain for bugs as a whole due to how weird and crawly they are. He prefers his animals to have fur and not look like some kind of otherworldly monstrosity. He's easily intimidated by height as well, finding that when others are much taller than him he begins to feel less secure about his own standing. Anxiety begins to build and the world closes in around him. Meeting someone over a foot taller is like meeting a giant, and he was never a fan of stories about giants. What he's most scared of however is the idea of being one of the last few of his tribe with capabilities to reproduce, and yet because of who he is he is never able to live up to those expectations of him. He fears the future of his family, and how they will feel when they learn that they have a very real chance of dying out. In his tribe there was once a saying of "Pueki-Pueki should never leave home", and now that Nagisa is faced with a terrifying reality as to why that is, he no longer sees it as a saying designed to keep them isolated.

Ideals and motivations: Nagisa, like the changing currents in a river, always changes his smaller goals around to suit a situation. He is ambitious yet adaptive in that sense, and very fickle, but mainly he seeks a cure for his tribe before they all die out, as ever since they left their homelands bordering between the Lands of Wind and Rivers more and more of them have become sterile or ill. Some believe it to be a curse, others play it down as something normal, but he has heard enough hushed voices in the night when he should be asleep to know that gravity of the situation is grave, and a cure would save the family he holds so deal and the culture they have from going extinct in this new world. He knows that through becoming a great shinobi he will find both it and his own place in the world. No one ever likes to feel loss, and a major side effect of Nagisa's ever-changing motivations is that he never feels like he fits in.

His tribe's sayings are his ideals and he will adhere to them always. No matter who demands it he grew up not learning manners or courtesy. His tribe showed respect through love and loyalty, not telling it, but doing it. He follows the tenets of their Gods and He wishes to make the desert around him into a fertile oasis because of how much it would please his Gods. He doesn't allow any other tradition hold him down from expressing who he is and what he desires.

History: Nagisa was never truly native to the Land of Wind, but became apart of the developing village within when he family joined the other families in establishing a village. The Horikoshi name was never a bigshot name with a special ability, historical presence, or political standing. What made them unique was their background. They aren't exactly a family in blood ironically enough, but a collection of individuals which came together under the same last name in order to better fit in with the new world they were thrown into, for as the Warring States Period lasted, this family was once not known as Horikoshi, but as a tribe of savages; Pueki-Pueki.

The tribe of Pueki-Pueki, like other indigenous families, weren't known in history nor acknowledged as even existing due to their nomadic way of life and how they lived within lush vegetation and forests, moving from one fertile land to the next. They were never seen in history as being worth note, at least not in the grand scale of things. Peasants living across the land saw them as savages and wild men, and some of the tribes were those violent raiders that would just get wiped out in the middle of yet another battle, but the Pueki-Pueki were always deeply spiritual in how they operated and lived, and rejected the idea of violence to the point that when warring clans would battle it out nearby, they would always watch from afar, making themselves as hidden as possible. During times of peace they partied and lived freely, living off the wildlife and the fruits bore from trees, and when pushed to battle, they made that into a spectacle as well, using their flashiness and spirituality to scare away their enemies.

Time is a funny thing though, as when Nagisa was yet another young boy among many others in the tribe, they were set upon by a clan of total unknowns, driven out of their forests and the humid climate that is the border between the humidity of the rivers and the heat of the desert, and into the barren wastes themselves, where they traveled from one oasis to another, more focused on survival than being the tribe they once were. Nagisa spent half of his childhood carefree, and the other half beginning to see the horrors of the desert and what it does to those unprepared, and the sights he had seen were ones he had to shut from his memories just so he can keep to his optimism. One of the few sources of optimism in a dying tribe.

During the years they spent going from oasis to oasis, they traded with passerby and learned the native language of the land, began to dress in their restrictive clothes and even pick up on how they act as well. It was a weird thing to experience, changing and adapting to the current world, and Nagisa, while he struggled to fit change like the others at first, soon enough found a comfort zone in-between. To prevent themselves from being seen as the nomadic savages they once were, the remnants soon changed their name from Pueki-Pueki to Horikoshi, with the hints of their past culture being brought forth through celebration, tradition, history told through them, and their darkened skin and odd green hair color.

The Family of Horikoshi, with Nagisa himself having long since ceased using his tribal name, soon came across the refuge of Sunagakure no Sato, a Oasis of a home in the desert, and it would be there that they would begin to move in and integrate themselves with the rest of society. At that point it wasn't all that bad of a move, as Nagisa was already used to the adapting they had already done and saw it as just them getting yet another temporary home. It would be years later after they moved and a month after he became apart of the shinobi system there that he soon realized that this was a permanent move, and that really hit hard, as he was getting sick of that sandy color already.

At this point however he didn't raise a a lot of complaints about it, as he knew that, as one of the younger members of their family, he wasn't supposed to hear the rumors spread. Hushed whispers can still be heard during the silence of the night though, and through them Nagisa knew all too well about how concerned the elders were with the tribe's capability to have children steadily decreasing, how more and more members just "lose the urge" as time goes on, and how some have even fallen ill. His own parents showed the telltale symptoms as well; the paler skin, the weathered texture, the weakness. He decided that since Sunagakure no Sato is now his home, he will use it to improve himself, and find a cure for whatever is spreading through his tribe before it falls on him to carry on the legacy, and should just a day come it would be the true end of his lineage.

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