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Post by Miyuki on Sun May 26, 2019 8:00 pm

Kamizuru, Miyuki IbvJCxo

Kamizuru, Miyuki InKeRB9

Name: Kamizuru, Miyuki
Clan: Kamizuru
Age: 26
Birthday: 05/12
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Pansexual

Kamizuru, Miyuki KCVPpWP

Village: Iwagakure
Rank: S-Rank

Name: Chakra Control Prodigy
Type: Positive
Description: Those who have this trait are gifted in the ways of chakra control. As such, anyone with this trait can make half hand seals (seals with one hand) where they would normally need to use two hands, and can have one other jutsu (including other concentration jutsu) in use while activating, using, and maintaining a concentration jutsu.

Name: Contracted Summoner
Type: Positive
Description: Those with this trait are gifted in the ways of summoning. Those with this trait receive the Summoning Sub-Spec for free (does not count towards total), as well as their animal contract. Additionally, any summoning jutsu has a 20% reduction in WC requirements.

Name: Frail
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally brittle and easily tire. As such they receive a passive debuff of -1 Tier to their Constitutions, and their bodies naturally resist damage one rank lower than their Constitution would normally allow.

Name: Weak
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally Weak, and has a hard time building muscle. As such they receive a passive debuff of -1 Tier to their Strength, thrown objects travel 5m/s slower than their Strength would normally allow.

Kamizuru, Miyuki BaQM9Gf

Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 115lbs
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Blue
General appearance: Miyuki’s features are striking against the paleness of her unblemished skin, it would be difficult to pick her out of a crowd without them. Her long, flowing pink hair is left untied most days, descending nearly to the base of her spine and fluttering behind her as she moves about. Her eyes are an interesting contrast the soft pink of her hair; a brilliant blue and whose openness lends them an intensity and intrigue that remains a mystery as to its origin only until she begins to dance, or laugh, or sing.

Miyuki is about average height for the people of her clan, and looks generally fit and healthy. Her weight however is ever so slightly less than it should be for one of her height and activity. There is a delicateness to her that alludes to an underlying frailty or illness. Her smile however all but draws complete attention away from the small detail, being warm and inviting and full of mirth.

Her clothing is chosen with care, consisting of mainly dark coloured dresses or skirt ensembles with bits of lace or ribbons adorning the multiple articles of clothing she wears at a time. She enjoys the playfulness of clothes and chooses pieces with overlapping asymmetrical bits, or long skirts with slits along the sides. Such choices also make running through the mountains easier for her.

Kamizuru, Miyuki Tp2vyT2

Personality: Miyuki is sometimes very hard working, and although ‘enjoy’ is not the word best used to describe how she feels about working, she can certainly appreciate it. While sometimes she finds herself on a mission to identify a blue coloured bird that flew by. Her attention is occasionally pulled in different directions by her zest for life. Though as her parent’s have often told her; “An honest day’s work never killed anyone”, so she will usually power through whatever needs doing and enjoy her free time later. And enjoy her free time she does. Everything is an adventure to her, even something as simple as going to pick up messages from the Aviary she tries to fill with good cheer and laughter.

When it comes to completing tasks however Miyuki is known to be perpetually late for things. Being so caught up in whatever moment she finds herself in, she always feels as though she has more time at her disposal than reality would permit. With a solid set of talents to her name, her instructors and employers have been known to lend her some leeway in regards to her tardiness, though she has had more than one stern reprimand about her lack of time management skills.

She is honest to a fault, preferring to be truthful at unfortunately inopportune times - not out of malice but rather a lack of experience in the subtleties of politics and tact. She tries her best to be serious in situations that she perceives to call for it, though in all other circumstances she can be found with a smile on her lips and a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Likes/Dislikes: Miyuki loves time spent outside, revelling in the beauty of nature - most specifically flowered areas where she might find bees. Bees are among her most favourite things in the world, though she can’t remember if she loves them because of her clan or if she would have loved them regardless. She also greatly enjoys good food and sweets, especially when shared with friends. She is very fond of her friends and family, doing her best to make sure they are as happy as they make her.

Among her dislikes are cruelty - especially to animals or children. Which of course includes things as seemingly innocuous as bullying. She cannot abide people with ill intent, or liars and will often go out of her way to set those wrongs to right.

Fears/Phobias: Miyuki is deeply afraid of the dark. While she knows that whatever monsters might exist in the dark she could most likely deal with handily, the idea of not having anyone to help her is near paralyzing. She cannot recall a time when that fear should have logically developed, it would be easy to explain away if she knew it was a result of being frightened when she was a small child. Without fail, every time she must go outside after dark, or put out the lights in her room she feels that tightening grip around her chest. That sense of knowing that there is something waiting.

Her other fears are more benign and grounded in reality; she wishes to live up to her parents expectations of her. That she honours the clan and is an asset to the Tsuchikage and the village of Iwagakure. While she knows that it is only her own willingness to push forward that could cause her to fail, the anxiety associated with failure is ever present.

Ideals and motivations: More than anything Miyuki wants to be like her mother. In a lot of ways she already is, an honourable member of the clan, a shinobi within the village and a kind and respectful person. She always feels though that she can do more. Her mother was an accomplished shinobi, a person of wisdom and earned respect within the clan. Miyuki has always found her mother’s name to be spoken with reverence and familiarity both.

Her most valued goal is to have that kind of impression on the people she spends time with. One day, after she is long since passed, she wishes that she would be remembered as having made a difference within the clan and it’s community, within the village of Iwagakure and perhaps the other four nations. She wants to earn the trust and respect of those she works with, and her positive attitude come as a result of that ideal.

Just like her mother, she would one day like to have a family of her own. So that she can pass on her bits of wisdom and stories, and with luck and a lot of hard work she hopes she can be even half the mother that hers is.

History: Miyuki grew up in a war torn time, just as many others did. Thankfully she was blessed with a strong family to help her through it, and she was not left with nightmares or debilitating fears as some of her childhood friends were. Her life growing up, was on the whole, unremarkable. That was assuming that you compared the goings on of her day to day life with anyone else around her age. She had loving parents and a doting older brother. There were times when she could barely recall when she was quite young, having to get out of her warm bed in the middle of the night and run off to some dilapidated farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. She cannot remember why she had to do this, though as an adult she could easily put the pieces together. While her parents were both skilled in martial arts her mother, Mariko, was considered by some to be a prodigy among the Kamizuru: her chakra control was near enough to perfect that it was indistinguishable from it. Mariko spent as much time as she could spare teaching her children the ways of chakra, trying to instill a sense of respect and awe for the gifts they had been graced with. As much as she could Mariko also taught other members of the clan, which in turn lead to Miyuki gaining a rather generous if eclectic education. In exchange for her mother’s teachings, people would come and teach her children the ways of fletching, farming, tailoring and calligraphy. Miyuki was never at a loss for something to learn or some activity to participate in.

Throughout their childhood one thing Miyuki could always count on was her older brother, Haruki. He was the force that grounded Miyuki’s imagination firmly to the earth and kept her from actually running away from home to start a colony of butterfly enthusiasts in the forest. Though he did spend a fair amount of his time indulging her games; creating a food cart that specialized in all things made from honey (which in actuality was tiny wooden cups that Miyuki had painstakingly filled with three drops of honey each). Or campaigning as protectors of the mountains, vanquishing (performing simple Genjutsu on unsuspecting squirrels) all those who dared to damage the exceptional vistas. No matter how elaborate her stories were, Haruki always played along with his younger sister, determined to let her lead a happy and peaceful life. Being that her brother was twelve years older than her she tended to be the pseudo younger sister of his entire friend group, which for the most part Miyuki enjoyed quite a bit. She always felt safe and protected when spending time with Haruki. It did not take overly long however for that age gap to begin to cause a problem.

Around the age when Miyuki was finally gaining some semblance of independence and wanting to help her brother, he was old enough that his thoughts were focused on the politics and training involved with keeping their clan safe. It was a good thing to be sure, however it left Miyuki watching from the sidelines more often than not as a teenager. She was either too inexperienced to understand the intricacies of political negotiations between clans and independent groups, or too frail to properly participate in the rigorous training that Haruki and his friends submitted to. Try as she might, she found that she was never fast enough, or strong enough to keep up with him. Out of fear for her safety, Haruki attempted to soften the truth of the situation by assigning her tasks that were more within her physical limitations. At first Miyuki was more than pleased at the special missions she was responsible for, over time however she began to realize why she was being singled out for these tasks. It caused some resentment within her heart, more than anything though it made her feel like she was failing in some way. This realization only fueled her drive more, and she tried even harder to keep up with the older members of the clan.

Into her early twenties she would push herself, sustaining more than one serious injury and several broken bones. None of the hardships were enough to stop her from trying to follow in her family’s footsteps, she became driven to prove she was a capable and hardworking member of the clan. After enough effort and time, she had gained the acknowledgement of both her family and her clan. Being recognized as a moderately accomplished kunoichi was something she had always strived for, and she hoped that she would always be worthy of the trust and respect afforded to her given the responsibilities she was willing to take on to keep her loved ones safe.

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