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Eizō Uchiha  Empty Eizō Uchiha

Post by Eizō on Mon May 27, 2019 10:25 pm

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Name: Uchiha, Eizō
Clan: Uchiha Clan
Age: 14
Birthday: 4/18
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Bisexual | Demisexual

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Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Rank: E-rank
Name: Chakra Control Prodigy
Type: Positive
Description: Those who have this trait are gifted in the ways of chakra control. As such, anyone with this trait can make half hand seals (seals with one hand) where they would normally need to use two hands, and can have one other jutsu (including other concentration jutsu) in use while activating, using, and maintaining a concentration jutsu.

Name: Chakra Ocean
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has a naturally larger chakra pool, and has an easy time building that pool. As such they begin with a chakra pool of 60 and receive 1 additional Stat Point each time they rank up that MUST be used for their Chakra.

Name: Perceptive
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally notices subtleties with their senses than others. As such they receive a passive buff of +1 Tier to their Perception and all perception thresholds are 5m longer than their Perception would normally allow.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

Name: Weak
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally Weak, and has a hard time building muscle. As such they receive a passive debuff of -1 Tier to their Strength, thrown objects travel 5m/s slower than their Strength would normally allow.

Name: Jutsu Inept
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait find themselves having a hard time mastering and crafting new jutsu. Upon character creation they do not receive any free jutsu. Additionally, jutsu take 20% more WC to train.

Eizō Uchiha  BaQM9Gf

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown fading to a greenish-blue at the edges.
General appearance: Eizō is a pretty typical young boy with all the marks and scars to count his adventurous self and distinguish himself with a breath of naiveté that all young men seem to carry. That is, he is a boy that wears raggedy and comfortable clothes as he needs (read: wants) to but is often ushered into wearing more pristine clothing and looking his best by the guardians that watch over him. His dark hair is kept messy and medium length, enough to cover over his ears but still not long enough to truly be considered long hair. His face carries soft features that show signs of sharpness and strength but having failed to grow into the bones or any other aspect of puberty yet either. In any case that Eizō dresses himself, the name of the game revolves around comfort and tactility, finding clothing that won't be restrictive and let himself work but also functional and usually representative of his clan by having the symbol printed upon it. His rather slender appearance is often a misnomer as he has a slight bit of muscle bulk underneath, but pressed cleanly and symmetrically, often tricking those into thinking that he is totally without strength. Still, what he lacks in power, he makes up with grace through slenderness and carries himself very well pronounced and in proper form almost always, a pinnacle of the purely talented and yet viciously aloof youth that he embodies.

Eizō Uchiha  Tp2vyT2

Personality: How many words can be spared to describe the disenchanted yet talented youth of any era? A constant headache and worry for the adults, lashing out with seemingly violent remarks and a disregard for authority, scaring those too conservative to truly understand the changes in culture. No, really, Eizō is just a normal boy that is the product of his circumstances, growing up in the Warring States period and now that the world is changing, he's become a lost by-product of a world before that craved isolationism and individuality and a rapidly shifting world that values camaraderie. Eizō has a tendency to mishandle his words, often saying things that he doesn't quite mean because of the passion he puts behind his thoughts while at the same time coming off as more cold and calculating than he really is. To say that he is eccentric is a far-cry from his actual self but he is by no means reserved either, a hybridization of the two that allows him to remain totally shut-in as he needs to be but also have the (lack) of foresight to let his tongue run wild when the time comes.

Aside from the contrasts within himself, he is typically a good friend and will go out of his way to serve those he cares about most even at the cost of his own time, money, energy, and livelihood. His trust is often tough to earn and his prejudices block his world view closely, however, once in his good graces he is a valuable asset and an incredible ally to have around. In essence, he can be more trouble than he's worth in social situations involving those with differing viewpoints and ideals, but on the battlefield and in his ninja duties, he's nearly impeccable.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes are so subjective that it's hard to pin down what this boy likes one minute and what he doesn't the next. Universally, he enjoys his ninja training and studies as well as his clan history and their standing in society as well as the grandeur the Uchiha name possesses. He's not girl crazy by any means but his eyes find themselves wandering towards beauty constantly. Typically, his hobbies change as time goes on and what interests him follow the waves as well, but his dislikes remain almost chiseled in stone from iron.

His dislikes mostly amount from discomfort as so many people's do, but not discomfort in a mental sense, pressing upon anxieties but in a more literal sense. The sounds of loud squeaking piercing his ear drums, wet floors causing his footing to slip for even a second, or even the disconcerting presence of someone who doesn't know how to maintain their own personal space. Anything that can impose upon his physical being in an annoying way is sure to bring about his malcontent.
Fears/Phobia’s: Eizō's fears are more abstract than anything as it's hard to put a finger on exactly what they are and where they come from. Most evolved from early taught prejudices, the importance of the clan above all things and the Uchiha namesake that he vies to much to protect. Maybe it's legacy that he fears losing, or a sense of belonging to something more important. He struggles and squirms at night of the idea of his friends and remaining family dying, all from within the Uchiha and making it so hard to distinguish what he truly fears. At it's core though, it seems he is afraid of loss, of varying degress, though he's never really felt a particular penchant for losing a fight. Maybe it's losing what's important to himself, or maybe he fears being lost in general.
Ideals and motivations: Eizō is spurred on by his own ideals about the grandeur of the clan and their importance in the world, how they were at the height of power and had been subjected by the other distinguished clans within the now, Konohagakure no Sato. His goals to bring his clan back to their standing place at the height of the village and create the respect that they had lost in the eyes of others. He also seeks the power and intuition to become a great ninja, and to serve and protect those important to him. Eizō understands the village system and the good that it could bring about in theory, and will strive to protect it as well, even if the Uchiha are poised to be hated and looked at from the corner of others' eyes.

History: Eizō was born within the Land of Fire belonging to the prideful Uchiha clan to a mother and father that were as proud of their clan as any and valued their family above all things. From an early age, Eizō was swaddled in cloth with the clan symbol on it, and his black hair, a symbol of the Uchiha lineage, speckled the baby's bald head far quicker than other newborns. His mother was a nurse and a good one, while his father was a cunning warrior within the clan, acting as a squad leader for a small group within the clan meant for more... discreet missions. His mother took care of him and his older sister most days, only working part-time as a nurse when his father was home. This trade-off left Eizō with a loving and caring family and as he grew and learned to walk and talk, he admired his family greatly but never quite understood what they did, much less what a ninja was.

That quickly changed, as Eizō got a grasp for standing and walking, the youthful energy that carried him to run and jump and play would soon be steered to his destiny, brought to him by his father. The power that sat in his very veins, his birthright, and the power of the Uchiha would be forced out of him as his training would begin soon. For the next 3 years, until Eizō reached the age of 6 he would learn the clan and their history, the powers of the Uchiha as they were known, and what his father did as a ninja as well as the truth of being a ninja. That truth would sit in his mind for a long time as he continued to learn and even began lightly training, pure excitement to practice throwing his shuriken or running across a makeshift obstacle course he would find in the woods. It was in this that Eizō went from a childish learner to a fully fledged ninja learner, working hard with his fellow Uchiha clansmen, the children at least, to work through various challenges and tasks set before them for their training.

More time passed and Eizō reached 9, gaining quite a few skills and proficiencies, he was no longer just a helpless child and decided to put it to the test. At the challenge of several friends, they dared to spend a weekend surviving on their own out in the woods, just at the edge of the Uchiha clans' territory. Scary stories and motivations aside, it was a fairly easy experience hunting to survive and living off the land while remaining hidden from potential threats. It was an absolutely perfect weekend aside from the part where this dare would not be absolutely sanctioned by the clan or his family at all. A few hours after dinner on the first night, Eizō's family and the families of the two other boys who had joined him began to search rapidly through the woods. Maybe unfortunately, they were too good at hiding and on the second day, tragedy struck as the Uchiha search party began to wander out of their territory.

This fateful wandering in search of their children led them into an extremely large group of mercenaries who held no conviction about sparing them and no empathy about their missing children. Eizō's father and another stepped forward to hold them off as the others would retreat, still convicted to hold their search. It would be a fight that lasted, but eventually, the two veteran Uchiha fell in battle after allegedly having taken down more enemies than they could count each. A glorious end that soon brought the spurn of the mercenaries as they tracked down the rest of the search party. By the weekends' end, Eizō would return home to his sister and an empty home, with news that 5 people had died in their search, including his own mother and father. Of course, guilt struck through Eizō and though his family died deaths in a battle worthy of their names, it was Eizō who was directly responsible.

Four more years would pass with Eizō living with his grandmother and sister, feeling the regret of his mistakes and shutting himself inward as he processed what he had done. Was it selfishness or foolishness? The boy's never-ending torment of himself brought him to heel as he delved so far into his ninja training that it was all he had left, to earn the namesake and destiny his father had passed onto him.

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Eizō Uchiha  Empty Re: Eizō Uchiha

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