Pet Guidelines

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Pet Guidelines

Post by Cloaked Figure on Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:46 pm

Seijutsu is the style of techniques and fighting that rely on working together with pet companions. Used by shinobi who specialise in fighting in groups, sensory shinobi, and such forth - for example, the Inuzuka clan of Konohagakure - Seijutsu techniques come especially in handy for team based combat, or for defensive and offensive numerical advantages. Seijutsu techniques are a unique class that allow a user to boost their pets in various ways. Any seijutsu techniques that end up effecting the user should be paired with another spec to compensate the effect(s) to the user. Pets can be anything, from cats, dogs, to birds, lizards, and such forth. There is even a rumor that some pets are almost mythical. But, that is only a rumor...

The Limits of Pets

Normally, it'd be difficult enough to control a singular pet. However, Seijutsu specialists find that, the more they know how to use their pets, and specifically, multiple pets. The number of pets a user can communicate and coordinate at once depends on the rank of their Seijutsu spec.

Natural: The user may only work with a single pet in a thread. This pet may only use E rank jutsu that relate to its anatomy.
Skilled: The user may work with up to two pets in a thread at any one time. These pets may use C rank or lower jutsu that relate to their anatomy.
Proficient: The user may work with up to three pets in a thread at any one time. These pets may use A rank or lower jutsu that relate to their anatomy.
Master: The user may work with up to three pets in a thread at any one time. These pets may use S rank or lower jutsu that relate to their anatomy, may train a single element, and may use ninjutsu techniques of up to C rank.

Training with pets

Pets follow the same stat system as shinobi, found in the Stat Guidelines with a few minor tweaks.

  • A pet can only train up to 1000 points in stats total.
  • When purchased, a pet begins with 20 stat points that may be distributed as the pet owner wishes.
  • Unlike human characters, a pet does not fall unconscious when it reaches 0 chakra. Instead, a pet simply can't use jutsu.
  • A pet may not use a jutsu if it would lower it's chakra below 0.

Pet Death

As a type of life, pets will be at risk of death. In a kill enabled thread, pets are in risk just the same as their owners, if not more so. In terms of death, pets follow the same rules for death as seem in the Death Guidelines, however the amount of posts it takes to die is halved, rounded down (7 posts becomes 3 posts, and such forth), to represent the smaller and more frail bodies of the animals. If an animal dies, that's it. It counts as dead. Of course, should the shinobi decide they feel like it, then they can keep the corpse as an item, which follows the rules of a generic item of the Basic tier of quality, found in the Item Guidelines.

How to get a pet

All pets cost 1500 Ryo to purchase and are applied for using the following template:

[b]Name:[/b] (Self explanatory)
[b]Species:[/b] (The Species of pet)
[b]Description:[/b] (A physical description of the pet, and its personality)
[b]Stats:[/b] (Pets begin with 20)
[b]Jutsu:[/b] (A pet does not start with any of these, so this section must be left blank)
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