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Post by Nariko on Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:15 pm

Mission name: Stop the Thief
Mission rank: C
Objective: Apprehend the thief that has been making their way through the village lately
Location: Village Interior
Mission Description: A thief has been regularly robbing shops around the village of late. He’s been spotted a couple of times so we know it is the same person, but until now he’s been able to get away. Make sure he is brought in alive.
Mission Details: 1500 wc
The thief comes out a couple hours after dark when he makes his way to recently closed shops and breaks in. When confronted, he will run since he has almost no fighting skill, but has an Agility of D-3. Make sure he is not killed or gravely injured in the altercation.

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[Mission] Criminally Ironic Empty Re: [Mission] Criminally Ironic

Post by Nariko on Sat Jun 22, 2019 5:20 am

All was peaceful in the medic tent. Her servants went to bed, Nariko was in her private room checking the ledger under a dim light. Aside from two people passing the night, partial delivered to the dreams their opium pipe gave them, partial in the hands of Akane's medical care, there was no one to disturb the peace. The Bazaar itself was, as habitual, restless. Some late night shops remained open, serving their customers, and there was always someone on the prowl in the shadows. Nothing unusual, even though it was far worse here than what Nariko remembered in Hi no Kuni. The lawlessness and chaos of the lands here allowed her to do as she pleased but at the same time also forced her to fend for herself much harder than in the well-established Pagoda of Four Pleasures which fell under Kurosawa control. The Discordant smiled nonetheless, finding this bustling life and chaos far more appeasing than the rigid structure the yakuza generally maintained.

Closing the ledger and storing it, she extinguished the oil lantern with a satisfied smile. Business was going good. The people on the streets passed by regularly. Fresh water sold well, the prices gradually increasing as demand raised and offer lowered, and the search for medicine was tremendous. Money rolled in, service flew out the door. As it should be. At this rate, she'd soon run out of supplies and thus she had already sent a messenger back home for a new batch in hopes they'd be here by the time she'd run out. She'd lay down upon her futon, mind not neglecting that with popularity of this sort, she also became an interesting target for criminals. Petty thieves had already been caught trying to snatch a quick dose of medicinal herbs, and she had been forced to have people pay in advance for the opium pipes as some had dared to request the dreams even though they couldn't afford them - those clients had been thrown out without much discussion, making it clear the tent was not a charity. After all, free-loaders only made it so that the Kurosawa would not be able to provide more medicine and water in the future. A disaster they couldn't afford, for the sake of the people in Sunagakure.

But just as her mind drifted into slumber, the rustle of the tent's flaps pulled her back to the waking reality. Footsteps. The rustling of bags. It was too dark to see anything but it was clear someone had slipped inside under the idea the place was unguarded. Goblin light would grant the Kurosawa vision in the dark, and reveal that a man was sifting through the affairs of the sleepers. Pocketing some coin. Then moving to one of the crates containing medical herbs. Considering it time to intervene, Nariko rose to her feet and swiftly rushed out of her personal quarters. She startled the thief, who quickly nabbed a bushel of herbs and scampered away.

"Oh no you won't. Stealing from the yakuza? I'll have your skin for this, scum.", she muttered to herself as she gave chase. An equal chase considering each of them held the advantage elsewhere. The thief originated from the lands. He knew the streets in the Bazaar. Where to go, where not to go. But the cover of night would not be his ally as the Kurosawa's bloodline granted them access to an element which dominated light and shadows. The 'Ghost-Flame Shintai', the base manifestation of that power allowed her to see in the night as clearly as she could see by day. Light or shadow, it made no difference to her.

The chase was not an easy one. The thieving eel ran over the sand like it was solid ground and slipped from one makeshift street into another. Tracking his footsteps was hardly an option with how loose sand tended to be, forcing her to rely mostly on other senses to figure out where he ran. His appearance flickered through the open gaps within the myriad of tents, his scent hanging around only here and there as the smell of kebab and coal obnoxiously intervened. Sound was doable as long as he remained within the quiet parts of the Bazaar as the stomping of his feet in sand betrayed the general direction he had taken, but when he passed by sections of the market where a late-night tent stayed open the sound was muffled by talk and laughter. It was frustrating. The thief wasn't even faster than her, but he was mobile and knew his terrain. An advantage she believed he'd lose when he decided to seek out the area where tents slowly made more place for solid structures - he was leaving the slums for the better the district.

The truth was different from what Nariko expected. With solid buildings came solid streets. Higher levels of floors. Stairways to run into. Garbage and other materials to throw before her feet. He ran parkour, losing nothing of his advantage over her. Jumped from one wall onto the other, from there over a high palisade like it was nothing. Nariko followed suit, simply jumping over the palisade and boosting her jumping height with a technique. He'd look in bewilderment and scamper away again. That filthy rat. If there was one thing the yakuza despised it was the dishonourable actions of petty criminals such as him. With every passing second he stretched this little game, he inched more to a guaranteed flailing he'd not soon forget. But that was not here, not now at this current point in time. He'd try the same trick again. Jumping from one wall to another, only to hang on tight to a pulled up ladder. Clamber all over it to reach the roof, briefly halt and look down to see the yakuza simply ran up the walls like she just didn't care. Despite both slowly running out of breath, he'd decided not to hang around and set up for another sprint.

The roof was flat. Nariko saw him halfway the distance when she arrived on the edge. He was looking to jump over a rather large gap between two roofs, but she had him now. Hana Ninpō: Kyōkasui. Just as he was about to reach the other end of the roof and jump off, a torrent of petals surrounded him. Surprised, it'd break his concentration and he'd set his foot improperly for the jump. Instead of reaching the other end, he had lost his momentum and tumbled down. A painful smack revealed he had hit the ground and as he groaned in pain, the yakuza landed next to him. Finally. She needed a moment to catch her breath, walking in circles around him as he rolled on his back in his own attempt to recover. Realising she was nearby, he tried to stand up again only to find her foot stomping hard on his hand. He'd be yanked back into the ground and scream in pain.

"What do you think you're doing? You're not going anywhere, mister."
"Shut up. Or I'll flail you alive. What were you even thinking?"
"I just... A friend..."
"You think we're a charity? If you want medicine, pay for it like everyone else."
"But he's dying."
"Oh? How selfish can you be? There are plenty of others who are dying. Do I need to save your friend and leave the others to die? Is that what you're saying?"
"N-no, but..."
"See, that's the problem with you honourless dogs of the street. Self-interest. No eye for the community as a whole. That's why the authorities don't make a distinction between your supposedly noble thievery and that of the vulgar burglar. You lot are the worst."
"I'm sorry... Please..."

Brushing her hair out of her face, Nariko sighed in frustration. It was a matter of strategic investment now. Did she let him go unpunished as a sign of a good-hearted nature? Or did she drag his sorry ass back home to see him punished for his transgressions? Her father would have done the latter, but he had the means. A separate, so called 'abandoned' house where his men gladly taught scum like him a lesson. Nariko didn't have that at her disposal, meaning she either did it in public or within the tent. And as they saying went, "Don't shit where you eat", bringing him home was not an option in the slightest.

"Fine. Get lost, scumbag. Leave that medicine here and don't let me catch you again."
"Y-yes, ma'am."

He'd drop the bundle of herbs and have his stomped hand freed as soon as she picked them up. Blowing on it to get rid of most sand, then watched him walk away with slumped shoulders. Shaking her head at the dishonour of it all, she waited until he was out of sight before making the whole way back to her tent. Now that the adrenaline had left her, she felt exactly how exhausted she was. And as soon as she found the softness of her futon, she fell asleep.


-1500 mission


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