Why not npc bounties in the bingo book?

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Why not npc bounties in the bingo book? Empty Why not npc bounties in the bingo book?

Post by Yabai on Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:45 pm

This an time where war has only recently ended, with many making their own villages to instill order and peace throughout their respective lands. I'd imagine each land would have its fair share of bounties, be it nuke-nin who have committed war crimes or bandits who have became bold due to the lack of anything to keep them at bay. It'd feel like it'd be a fitting and fun addition to add on to the site.

It could possibly work with people just asking to take a certain bounty and then being given a certain amount of time to do it. If they don't finish and turn in the thread by the time given, their work is marked void and that bounty is up for grabs again. Since people will be facing off against NPCs who are supposed to be stronger than the average nameless schmuck, they will be reviewed in whether the acquisition of the the bounty or the death of them makes sense, is well written, and isn't them just pulling plot armor the entire way. Naturally, all within the respective land will be able to take their respective bounties irregardless of their affiliation and don't need IC permission to do so, considering the nature of what they're doing (Kakuzu, an S-Rank Nuke-nin and dangerous criminal, has been bounty hunting even before joining the Akatsuki).

Bounties that have been taken could be replaced within a weekly or monthly period, with the rewards being slightly higher than that of normal missions and have higher word requirements. Naturally, actual known player characters will be alongside the NPCs and are up for grabs themselves unless specifically denied so by the current kage. After all, it maybe something the village wants to deal with themselves and forbid outside forces from interfering.

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Why not npc bounties in the bingo book? Empty Re: Why not npc bounties in the bingo book?

Post by Eizō on Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:37 pm

Oh, we absolutely have plans for NPC enemies and things to crop up, but we're more focused on getting Kage into those positions before building bingo books and all of that xD

But! I'm glad you're thinking of things and appreciate the suggestion, we'll have to definitely fill things out and progress the plot once things start growing and getting active!


Why not npc bounties in the bingo book? Giphy

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