Finally some peace and quiet ...right? [Open/Training]

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Finally some peace and quiet ...right? [Open/Training] Empty Finally some peace and quiet ...right? [Open/Training]

Post by Yabai on Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:35 pm

Yabai tirelessly treaded upon the hot desert sand, his figure concealed by a worn, brown cloak. With the hood concealing his visage for the most part, it offered some solace in the form of protecting him from the sun's searing rays while also absorbing any sweat that formed on his brow. He was alone, having willingly ventured out and away from both the village and his clan's encampment. He was probably a mile or two away from them now.

"Hmmm...." he mused to himself as he came to a stop, taking a look around him. The landscape was mostly flat with some decently sized boulders and cacti spread out both far and near. Not a single cloud befuddled the sky and any signs of wildlife were close to none. Most importantly of all, however, it was quiet. That was the entire reason why he was out here. Yabai yearned to train some of the ninja arts that many of his clan blatantly ignored, yet he didn't like doing it near camp thanks the cacophony of noise that is produced by it, from children playing to adults getting drunk. He didn't like going to any training grounds either, as he did not want to be stared at by outsiders who just couldn't let go of the fact that he was a proud Onizuka of the Megijima and he wasn't going to hide it. Thus, Yabai developed the habit of just going somewhat away from both camp and village to train.

With that being said, Yabai would strip the cloak from his form, revealing his almost entirely nude body aside from the fundoshi he wore and the ninja headband tied to his right bicep. The area was to his liking, being rather pleased at the lack of distractions and noise, the only one being the occasional desert breeze. Yabai went on to fold his cloak neatly before placing it on the ground beside him as he then just stood, taking in every bit of the desert heat into him. From the sun's boiling glare on his face to the sand's steaming touch on his bare-feet. He allowed himself to get used to the feeling for a moment before slowly exhaling. He would go on to his routine set of exercises to get started. Some push-ups, running in place, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. He would do each for a few moments, enough so that his body was awake and his blood was pumping but not enough to exhaust him. Once done, Yabai would plop down onto his cloak and cross his legs.

Bringing his hands together in formation of the Ram seal, Yabai would begin to concentrate. It was not unknown that many Onizuka barely knew jutsu, if any at all. Most depended on their physicality to get by and get the job done. They were all-around warriors after all, not just assassin's who stalked in the shadows. Yabai, however, found the denial of chakra techniques to be foolish. Despite the war having ended, the world was still in a state of change. New techniques and applications for the chakra arts were being developed seemingly everyday. In his eyes, the Megijima as a whole would be left heavily disadvantaged if they did not adapt to this changing era. Thus, here he was. Alone. Teaching himself rudimentary jutsu as a starting line of sorts, with the basic Bushin or Clone technique being the one he's specifically focusing on.

Sweat beaded down his bald head as he concentrated, doing his best to mould his chakra. With eyes tightly shut, he would quickly do the remaining seals of the Snake and of the Tiger as he heard a certain "poof" sound. Eyes opening in surprise, Yabai would look in-front of him and gaze at the white smoke before him, seeing a familiar figure slowly become more visible as the smoke dissipated. With baited breath, Yabai stood and looked upon his clone as the smoke finally disappeared.

It was sprawled out on the ground, ghastly pale and twitching as if it just had a heat stroke.

For a mere instant, awe filled Yabai's form as he marveled at what he just did. How he just created this.... what the hell this is from himself. To say he was impressed would be an understatement. Unfortunately, his mere instance of awe was soon replaced with bloody rage as he realized how bad he messed up the technique."Cunt!" came his voice like a thunder strike as he immediately went to stomp on the existentially-challenged Yabai's head, only to have it fade through like nothing. Taken aback, he would remember how the technique's clones weren't actually physical. With a low grumble, he would instead dispel the clone himself and sit back onto his cloak. Forming the Ram seal again, he would begin to concentrate once more as he began to slowly mould his chakra once again, the only difference being his agitated state and his opened eyes which glared before him.

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