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Post by Nariko on Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:28 am


- [x] Legends
- [x] Traditions
- [x] Landscaping
- [x] Families


- Aura Yukimenoko for 'legends' and 'traditions'.
- Asami Sekisetsu for 'landscaping' and 'families'.

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Post by Nariko on Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:42 am


[Lore] Yuki Clan Untitl15

"Paving the road is not the man who lays down the stones,
but the one who placed the first steps into the unknown."

Yuki - As the legend dictates, this woman was once the wife of Owenoh and mother of Yukiko. It is by her self-sacrificial grace that the first Ice users were born, her love and chakra transferred to protect husband and child against a death by frost. Though a lingering hypothermia remained, the chill of the cold didn't hamper them and eventually allowed them to do more than just survive the frigid lands of Yuki no Kuni - the eventually became the lands, commanding snow and ice to do their bidding.

Yuki Aurora - During the Warring States Era, Aurora was presumed to be one of the strongest Ice users of her time and the alleged heiress to the clan despite the ravaging turmoil which eventually forced the clan to scatter. Aurora, weakened by persistent combat and wounds, could no longer muster the strength to fend off a creeping illness which eventually overtook her. She left behind her daughter Yuki Aura.

Other than being a force to be reckoned with, Aurora was known to create and master the Yuki Hiden known as 'Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals'. By creating a dome of mirrors to trap her opponents in, she seemingly appeared everyone around them by which she could swiftly take out whole platoons of invading persons, no matter if they wielded fire or not.

Yuki Aura - Daughter to Aurora, she was taken from the Yuki clan at the age of two by invading forces of Hi no Kuni and returned many years later with the help of Karasu. Though the time between her capture and liberation is shrouded in mysteries, she returned among the Yuki bearing a new technique of her own, the 'Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death'. While this technique is no Yuki Hiden, nor even categorised as an Ice Release technique, it was quickly associated with the 'cursed' Ice users for its harrowing, if not deadly impact.

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Post by Nariko on Sat Jul 06, 2019 3:20 am


[Lore] Yuki Clan Untitl16

"As the frigid mountains; resolute and everlasting.
As the raging blizzards; feared and endured.
As the dancing snow; cherished and remembered.
Such are the values of our traditions."

Rite of Passage - Entombment by snow and ice. According to the legends, this is how the first Ice users were granted their abilities. And as such, every Yuki around the age of ten is expected to undergo a similar treatment in honour of Yuki, the Snow-Mother. During an entire day, the child remains trapped within a prison of ice where their body suffers hypothermia and undergoes a slow but gradual adaptation to the frigid realm they were born in.

During the Rite of Passage, their body assimilates the cold and gains its resistances, turning it into an avatar of the 'eternal winter' by inducing a permanent state of hypothermia which does not seem to affect them in the slightest. Now suffused by Ice chakra, the Yuki exhumes a typical frigid aura which has become the signature tell-tale of its members. All the while, their ritualistic brush with death intends to still the mind and deaden future fear of death itself. Many Yuki seem exceptionally calm and collected when facing the dangers of death as a result of this experience, making them them eerily well-prepared for situations in life where emotions are of lesser importance - such as that of warfare and the position of shinobi.

But this ritual does far more than attune the Yuki to the element of ice or even bestow a sense of adulthood upon their members. It bestows a sense of timelessness upon those who have passed it. Because the rhythm of both the body and mind have been slowed, many Yuki preserve an almost pristine sense of youthfulness as they age, often making them look younger than they truly are. As if part of their body was frozen still in time.

Rite of the Mirror Demon - Even now, the 'Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals' remains one of the most feared and coveted Hiden of the Yuki clan. Invading forces will forever remember the snow-demons who killed whole platoons by being everywhere at the same time, while the Ice users often consider the technique a symbol of true mastery over their own KKG. However, much like the Rite of Passage, the Yuki do not grant the power of their supposed cursed bloodline without a hefty price - if a Yuki is to be taught the 'Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals' Hiden, they'll have to suffer and surpass it first. Those seeking to learn the technique must first be subjected to it and survive the Rite of the Mirror Demon.

[Lore] Yuki Clan Untitl17

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Post by Nariko on Sat Jul 06, 2019 4:35 am


[Lore] Yuki Clan Untitl19

"Where the Wind blows, there linger our thoughts.
Where the Water flows, there wander our souls.
Where the Ice grows, there rests our heart."

Yuki-no-Kuni - Much like the Five Nations, the Land of Snow is a country of its own. A cluster of islands and drifting masses of ice complete this land, while the drifting snow and eternal winter grant it its name. It has its own Daimyo, a hereditary position passed on within the Kazahana (風花, "Snowflake") family, and its own Hidden Village named Yukigakure (雪隠れの里, "Village hidden in Snow"), of which it is said its ninja are masters in manipulating pre-existing ice and the use of chakra-technology. Because of the Yuki clan's name, it is often believed they origin from these distant lands despite that there is no distinct relation between the clan and like-named country.

That being said, the Yuki would fit in perfectly. Their unique mastery over ice and snow may well surpass the skill of the 'snow users' of Yukigakure. It is therefore not surprising that some members of the scattered Yuki clan have attempted to find a home within these lands or could well be working their way to solidify the clan's position and influence within the region. Unfortunately, the truth behind such ambitious plans will remain shrouded in mystery until the Yuki clan returns from hiding and once more unite under one banner.

Mizu-no-Kuni - Originating from the Land of Water, the Yuki are more than familiar within their homeland and surrounding areas such as the Land of Waves or Land of Snow. It is that homeland advantage which allowed them to fight side by side with many other native clans of the Land of Water and eventually had their reputation sow fear within the hearts of their opponents. However, while they may be considered heroes to some degree, the gossip that their clan would bear a 'cursed power' dominated their good efforts, causing many to hunt them down even within their own Lands. It eventually forced them to scatter and go into hiding.

Now that the Warring States Era is slowly dying out, the Yuki slowly return to their native grounds to rebuild their home and help in the construction and maintenance of Kirigakure's existence. Though old rumours about their 'cursed bloodline' remain, the Yuki hope to establish a solid influence and alliance with the other remaining clans of Mizu-no-Kuni.

Kirigakure-no-Sato - The Village hidden in Mist, backed by the mountains from which the Yuki clan hails has now become a new home of the Yuki and the fall-out base for the clan's future plans as they aim to regain the greater numbers their family once held. Many who have returned from their exile are enrolling within the shinobi task forces to improve upon their own talent and to be part of an unlikely alliance on the rise.

Within the current caste system of Kirigakure, the Yuki find themselves within the second caste - those who were allied with Kirigakure's founding clans (Hoshigaki, Hōzuki & Karatachi) during the wars. While not the most privileged position to have within the current affairs of the Village, the reputation of the Yuki nonetheless precedes them. This has resulted in the Yuki being welcome and, at times, even enjoying better treatment than others of their own caste.

Suzuran - Currently being build within the higher sections of the mountains near Kirigakure is Suzuran (鈴蘭 - "Lily of the Valley"), the new clan compound of the Yuki clan. While not overly traditional by nature, the survivalist Clan of Snow nonetheless aims to re-establish a more civilised future for their own kin, which means the need for housing, private schools and a personal training area has risen. And as new buildings come into existence under the caring heritage of the Snow-Mother, it seems that with it newfound artistic talents in architecture and culture are slowly blooming open as well - the white stones from which their buildings have been erected blend well within the snow-covered stone areas they have selected for their personal grounds. The blue-grey shingles forming their roofs, mingling with the soft pink and whites of the sakura blossoms, add some colour and grace in an otherwise rather monotonous landscape.

[Lore] Yuki Clan Untitl13

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Post by Nariko on Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:09 am


[Lore] Yuki Clan Untitl22

"Widespread our dreams may be
and diverse our ways to fulfill them,
but our names are but a disguise
of how Yuki's Gift shine through them."

Yuki - 雪, "Snow"
Not to be confused with the Yuki Clan, which is a generalisation of every person born with the Ice Release KKG. The Yuki family are the direct descendants of the Snow-Mother Yuki herself. While one could easily classify them as the 'main family' of the clan, the clan itself doesn't stand so highly on such lineages as every members of this illustrious clan has gone through the same experiences of war and shelter, as such blurring the line between the different families as the confrontation with their mortality has made them brothers and sisters of a singular cause.

That said, the Yuki family does tend to play a more 'motherly' role within the clan as the nurturing essence of Yuki is slightly more prevalent within them than in the other families. They are therefore most commonly found in positions which further shape the clan's future, such as leadership, councillors, medical, guardianship and mentoring positions. Though such roles are not reserved to the Yuki family, they are often seen as the more inspiring, if not 'purer', members of their community, in which their direct lineage with the Snow-Mother tends to favour their aspirations more than that of other clan members.

Sekisetsu - 積雪, "Fallen Snow"
In the darker tides that came to pass, the Sekisetsu have all but stepped down from the ideology of 'purity' in favour of the more feral, survivalist approach which was enforced upon the Yuki clan in the times where the Warring States Era had broken their ranks and driven them to hide within the deepest and most cold regions of Mizu-no-Kuni and Yuki-no-Kuni alike. Less materialistic than most others and more in tune with their environment, the Sekisetsu family are almost like nomadic scavengers in their lifestyle, trekking through the Lands of Water and Snow in search of food and forgotten secrets of the clan. While their distantiated attitude is often a point of reproach among the Yuki clan, their inclination towards travel and exploration remains nonetheless their strongest asset all the same - the Sekisetsu are often the more skilful on terms of espionage, stealth, sensory and survival instinct, with an inclination towards forming strong bonds with pets and summons alike.

While understanding the necessity to re-establish the Yuki clan by concentrating them in a new clan compound, they do hold the strongest voice against traditions and civilisation. Sekisetsu much prefer to continue their journey through the harsh ever-winters in search of the deep-rooted power which came to give the Yuki clan the mark of being 'cursed'. They like to believe that it is possible to find back the Snow-Mother said to haunt the snow-covered lands now that she has forsaken her physical appearance, all to further improve upon the power of Ice Release - it is speculated that Yuki's husband and daughter were only granted the genesis rather than the mastery over snow and ice, thus leaving plenty of room to improve upon their KKG.

Asahina - 朝日奈, "Morning Sun(light)
Where the Sekisetsu are those who embrace the speculated 'cursed KKG' of the Yuki, the Asahina almost stand in a direct opposite of that philosophy. Believing in a new and brighter future for the Yuki clan, they are as the ephemeral beauty of the auroras, the early sunlight reflected by frigid winds - the family was the first one to voice their accord about joining Kirigakure and rebuilding a solid home for the entire clan.

As a progressively thinking family, they stood at the vanguard of the architectural projects currently taking place in Suzuran and have done what they could to foster relations with Kirigakure and Mizu-no-Kuni through trade and logistical support. Coming forward with the wildest ambitions, it is their believe that the Nation of Water could and should be masters over the waters surrounding the islands. This to achieve a superior naval and militaristic force as well as provide a first line of defence against possible future invasions. After all, if history teaches us one thing, it is that the Warring States Era will not be the last war to take place.

[Lore] Yuki Clan Untitl21

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