inauguration Day of the First Hokage[OPEN]

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inauguration Day of the First Hokage[OPEN] Empty inauguration Day of the First Hokage[OPEN]

Post by Sen Hamazaki on Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:27 am

A pair of doors swung open, inviting light to illuminate the darkened inside of a circular room containing a chair, a desk, and some garments of clothing on top of it. There, standing between the swinging doors would be a man of rather average height, his built stature detailing a history or training and battle, every scar laid across his green scales like tomes containing yet another war story, closed by the sealed frown of their holder. His arms stretched out from powerfully pushing open the doors, a breath inhaled, and a step forward. He hadn't expected to reach this, he never even wanted the position in the first place, but he knew that the duty he held towards those he had hurt in the past and those he wished to protect in the present demanded he take such a position when offered. A shinobi shouldn't complain, not when they have a job to do.

A few moments later and a few swift motions of his hands revealed the windows revealing the village of Konohagakure no Sato to him, the various built and building buildings strewn out like falling leaves within a field of trees, the sprawling streets revealing that life below was pushing along peacefully. His breath slowly escaped him as he made his way around the desk, right hand gliding along the wooden grains until they reached the folded garment and the hat sitting atop of it, the mark of Hi no Kuni painted on the one corner of it that was white among the base of red, the symbol itself being the very same red which matched the rest of the hat. Setting it to the side, he would grab at the white and red robes underneath. They felt heavy as he held them up and stared at them.

He would spend the next few moments dressing himself in the layers, covering his tank top and bandages with a red robe which draped all the way down, covering his feet, where it would then be layered with a long, draping white scarf. To match it would also be a white coat, masking the majority of the robe underneath save for the redness in the front. He would look down at the clothing he wore, slightly bothered about how it looked on him. "They couldn't go with something... greener?" Pondering to himself would do no good however. As much as he didn't care for how it looked upon him he knew that this would be the uniform which would have him stand out as not only the leader of the village but also as a leader the council had chosen, given clothes which somewhat resembles the flowing robes of the council themselves. The Hokage may have been created to have the power to grow and tend to the village but it would be the biggest sin to choose his own uniform, apparently.

He would pick up the hat, staring at that symbol at first, the symbol of the land he both fought for and profited off of, killed for and slaughtered on, and he gave it a home on top of his head, covering his pink hair with it. With the symbol facing on-wards, he was now dressed not as Sen Hamazaki; Swordsman of the Land of Fire, but as Sen Hamazaki; Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

"Lord Hokage, it's almost time for your announcement as the new leader of the village! Are you re- Oh." Sen's gaze landed upon one of the many assistants the Council of Konohagakure had already hired as soon as the first few districts of the village were complete. If he didn't know better he would see the hastily hired men and women as just excuses to feign having servants, but he had faith that wasn't the case. After-all, nearly everyone had fought for the chance to make the idea of a peaceful Hi no Kuni a thing, so Sen had a sort of naive faith that those same people wouldn't be so fast as to turn into becoming more reasons why such an ideal is impossible. "My apologies, I was sent here to escort you to the roof. The council is waiting."

"No worries. Go ahead and report back to them that I am on my way. I just need a few more moments." With that, the assistant moved away with scurrying footsteps quieting as they traveled father away from the desolate office of Sen's, leaving him behind to slowly waltz out of the room, looking from wall to wall on his way out before closing the doors behind him. "I really need to decorate the place sometime after this."

Sen climbed the steps to the rooftop of the Administration Building, the blooming sunlight above peering down upon him, making the hat he wore cast shadows over his face, darkening it. He tried to stifle a laugh to himself as he imagined that from far away he must look like some sort of walking mushroom. As he made his final step onto the rooftop, he looked around, seeing some council-members standing presently. Outside of these members standing there with him however he would see no Daimyo, disappointed at the ruler's absence but expecting it to more be from the fact that this was a budding village than anything else. It left a bitter taste in his mouth, knowing that the only proof of him being the one acknowledged to lead would be the clothes he wore and the officials standing with him.

Upon the tips of the pillars he would spot newly-made shinobi, individuals that like him also found a hasty promotion to the higher ranks of this new world they were facing. He assumed their presence above was more to protect him rather than intimidate others, with their positioning upon the curved pillars protruding from the rooftop more than likely serving to keep them somewhat out of the immediate gaze of onlookers. Sen felt nervous, wondering what he will see when he makes his way to the edge, and how things will look from above the others. 'Will this be the end of my improvement? My competition?' He thought to himself as he made his way to the council members lining along the rooftop, taking the empty space slightly ahead of them in the center. The view was beautiful with nothing be the sky above him.

Below was a moderate crowd of people. He recognized a few from the war-zones around the Falls of Fire and the attempted raids of Tsuchigumo Village. He recognized certain clans that had sent a representative of their families or even had the main family themselves appear to attend the ceremony. The faces began to blend together into one pit of people and the more Sen stared down the deeper the depths would reach until he would be snapped out of his trance by his title being mentioned by someone nearby. He turned to face them, seeing that it was one of the council close to him, the individual among multiple others keeping their faces masked for the sake of protecting their identity. "Lord Hokage, it's time to begin."

All he could do was nod in return before looking down at the crowd and at those separate that passed by to continue on their way or to go and work, and even witnessed a few more join the crowd of people. What would he even say to these people?! He's a fighter that lead mercenaries and used orphans, widows, widowers, he wasn't some sort of public speaker! Still, he couldn't just stand there and say nothing. The longer he stood like a statue would be the faster the villagers would come under the assumption that he was weak. To ensure that there would be peace for the village and to help ensure that the two clans on his mind most right now wouldn't take this as further encouragement to continue their hostilities he would have to make it his absolute mission to not choke now. The first step to every speech, is to grab attention.


"People of Konongakure no Sato, standing before you now is your new leader. Your new Hokage!" Sen heard the shouting of one of the council members, shouting loud enough to almost make his ears ring and for the noise to reverb its way down to those below. Almost on cue, Sen would take one final step forward, standing on the ledge of the rooftop, remaining as close as he can to falling while his blood shivered within his body. He would reach up with his right hand, grabbing the hat whose shade masked him and pulling it off, revealing the reptilian features underneath. With his swept-away messy pink hair revealed alongside the Gecko-like features of his face, he figured that by appearance alone he could make some of the crowd at least begin to pay attention to him, rather than the event itself. Now though it was time for him to step out of the comfort zone of everyone on that whole rooftop and to make sure he can be heard to everyone.

He took a single step forward and began sliding down the Administration Building.

Something like this was nothing to a Shinobi. Scaling down a building at that point should be like second nature to anyone even considered to be worthy of the position Sen Hamazaki was given, and as he heard the panicked gasps of those above that didn't realize what the Hokage they appointed was doing, all Sen could do as smirk as he made his way onto the first protruding rooftop, scaling down to the next and then after that to the front doors of the building itself, standing before the crowd with two Shinobi blocking the doors behind Sen. He wanted them to get a closer look at their leader, to gain the impression that he wasn't going to stand out of reach. He wanted to make himself look vulnerable.

"I am Sen Hamazaki, of the Hamazaki Clan. I served alongside many factions during the war, although the one I stood by longest would be the Senju Clan in the midst of their own conflict. You may or may not know me, so I will let you know right now that I am the one that will make sure this village becomes the greatest village to ever exist. For years I had a dream of creating a land where there would no longer be a need for war, one where old hatreds would die out and be replaced with love. I have wished to carry the Will of Fire, the belief I had grown to accept as my own where love itself is the key to peace. I dreamed of a home for everyone harmed by warring clans to feel safe in, to feel like they can work towards a future again!"

Sen's appearance would become more passionate as his body began to move, his hands moving along with his words, and his words becoming more and more audible as he spoke. He would bring his arms outwards, the palm of his hands facing the crowd before him with his hat kept held between two closed fingers on his right hand. "I want a village where everyone can strive for the top, where those that so wished to do so can come and take my place as the leader of the village without worrying about what happened in the past!" His arms would lower back down, reaching his sides. "But most of all, as your leader, I wish to protect you all, and make you into the greatest individuals you can ever be."

"I know that I was not the answer that was expected of who may or may not rule the village, but just because someone didn't comprehend what the answer could be doesn't mean that that answer is wrong! No, as someone who had also faced the casualties of war firsthand and holds record of it on his own body I know the pain of hostility, or bad blood between families, and no longer do I want that! I am sick of seeing friends and family die for a cause that I never wanted, and I'm sure you all are as well!"

"I ask that now, from those of you that may support my appointment to even those that wish me dead to please lend me your aid. I am but one man, but I want a future where all of us prospers as a unified home, rather than fall apart as a cluster of warring families. If you see no improvement or growth within a few years time, then I promise you myself I will stand responsible for that as well, and whoever still wishes me dead or removed by then may feel more than free to come to me and do it themselves! I promise you however that if you just give me a chance, I will devote myself to you all and to your families as well. I will do everything in my power to become the leader you need!"

"People of Konoha, the Will of Fire lives in all of you, I ask you all now to let it come out, and to make the effort to become the home you all want. Cast away the pain of the past and work with me to move towards the future! As your first Hokage, I declare that we are the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and we will make sure there is a home for new leaves to grow!"

He stood there, silenced by the conclusion of his speech. He would look towards the two shinobi behind him and would motioned them upwards before facing those that stood before him once again. "I'm the Hokage, I'll never be afraid to be around the people I swore to protect." With that his pink eyes scanned those before him as he made his way to the crowd, his hat being placed over his head again as he would reach touching distance of them. The weight of these clothes on him become almost unbearable in that moment. He knew all too well of the rift between many of the clans in the village thanks to the warring Uchiha and Senju coming to terms after their leaders were killed by rebels. He knew especially most of all that he had a long road ahead of him which involved facing those individuals firsthand, and hopefully finding a way to prove himself as the right answer to their standoff on who should rule. The reaction of the crowd as he waited to see what it would be filled him with hidden anxiety. Looking back in his opinion it was a little cliche, but he had hoped it would be enough for now for those listening to accept the idea of "wait and see."

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