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Post by Eizō on Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:16 pm

It wasn't a sour taste like so many had described it in so many ways, old stories and tales of the sour taste of blood in their mouths. What Eizō felt in that moment bordered on something new and something different entirely, there was a bit of acidity to it but the sting came from the cut and scar rather than the blood. The bubbled liquid on the inside of his lip felt dull to the taste of his tongue, as if it was more like the metal iron than the water or other material that made up his own blood. His hair was strewn everywhere and the hair clumped together in thick strands as it dangled around his head from the slowly drying sweat around his forehead. A small stream of blood had begun to trickle from over the top of his eyebrow and rolling down the side of his face to his cheek. His clothing was also strewn around but not quite torn, the simple grey t-shirts and black pants were scuffed up with mud and small splashes of blood along with it.

Eizō had just been thrown in whatever holding cell this was, away from the other normal prisoners and criminals on the ground that he was just a young and naive fourteen year old kid but that reality didn't really phase him. Instead, as the guard had pushed him in and he barely held to his footing, the only thing he could think was to plop himself on the wooden bench and take a seat with a heavy sigh. The air escaping his lungs and his anxiety finally falling down just a little, the adrenaline from the fight having worn off and being replaced with the stress of being in trouble.

It was quiet now though as the moonlight shown through the ajar window above, letting a ray of light crash through as a skewed square to the middle of the floor. The breeze pushed through in a light whisper, not enough to really cool the room off but to fill the room with its sound anyways. A moment or two passed, the young Uchiha hardly concerned with any of it anymore as he let his eyes stay closed and practiced steadying his breathing while waiting for the next to happen.

That next came quickly as two guards wearing the Konohagakure symbol on their uniforms spoke up as they approached the cell. Their eyes sitting sternly on Eizō but they seemed relaxed, as if a kid hardly threatened them in any way. All the same, as Eizō's eyes opened and he returned their glance in apathy and fatigue rather than sterness or defiance. Their words cracked through and overpowered the breeze,

"Do you know what you did, kid?" they paused for a second as Eizō breathed deeply but remained silent. "One of the other kids had a nasty hit to his head, another had a broken arm. Have you got anything to say for yourself?"

Silence again.

"Have you?!"

His voice raised up as he was looking for something, any reason to instill his lesson or lecture the young Eizō on the consequences of his actions. Maybe he meant well or was shocked that a kid could do this but he wasn't there and didn't hear anything they said or did. Would they even believe him? Did it matter at all? They were part of the village too, on their side and against the Uchiha. As an Uchiha himself, his cards were down, he'd learned that much from his father and knew nothing he said would matter as his mind began to wander for an instant.

The scene was just at sundown and Eizō was walking silently with his head down and his hands stuffed in his pockets. The young boy was simply kicking a few stones as he walked towards his own home. The group lingering in front of him was noticed several feet before this moment along with their adjustment to block the one half of the path as well but it had been a long and painful day for Eizō. Maybe that's why he didn't care and continued on his straight line path instead of moving. Not that it was an excuse but just maybe he wanted it. Wanted the chance and he got it, as soon as he reached within a foot of the first boy, a deep shoulder buried into him, trying to throw him off his footing and to the ground but Eizō had noticed before and had prepared himself to match the force. Instead of either of them going to the ground, the simple bumped into each other with some force and were both pushed back a step or two.

Eizō's eyes flickered up and his hair parted ways as the other boy seemed to yell out, "Hey, watch where you're walking stupid Uchiha kid!" Not loud enough to attract attention but loud enough to justify his stepping in Eizō's face as their eyes locked for a second. Eizō was still silent but his face unmoved by the insult.

"Yeah, you heard me!" The boy held a finger towards him before jabbing it into Eizō's chest on the center of the Uchiha symbol. "Stupid." In sync with the jab, "Uchiha." Another jab, "Kid."

There was a lingering pain in Eizō's chest, the jab having been a lot stronger, like he used his chakra to enhance it too, but the others wouldn't notice that and there was nothing really that Eizō could prove it. However, he felt that pain and he felt a bit of anger boil up under the surface while the air stilled for a second, or Eizō found a way to block it all out while the other two boys that had lined up on either side of him as well.

"Just... get lost..." the Uchiha would utter out through gritted teeth as his fist clenched a bit and his eyes remained unwavering. The other boy's body seemed to reflect pure amusement as his eyebrow raised and a smirk crawled across his face, the corner of his lips twisting upwards as he replied.

"And what are you gonna do about it? Give up like the bunch of weaklings that your clan is? Everyone knows you're all a bunch of washed up nothings, I don't even think the Sharingan does anything either." The boy was almost boisterous in his reply, turning to gauge his friends reactions instead of Eizō's as they all snickered along and seemed to almost ignore Eizō until he spoke back up.

His reply was quick, his words carried weight by their anger as well as the volume at which he shouted back, "You don't know anything you coward!" the center boy's attention was drawn back quickly but it was just slightly too late, Eizō had already wound his fist back and with all his might had thrown the heaviest punch he could to the right temple of the other boy, almost in sequence after he yelled at them.

The thundering blow of his punch was shattered by his attention as the guard of the cell who had yelled at him previously slammed his baton into the bar once again to create a loud and echoing thud within the room. His eyes drew towards the guard and his daze ended quickly while he shouted again, "Well, have you got anything to say?"

Eizō breathed out deeply again, his mouth soured for a moment as he thought about it, a simple 'no' was all that seemed to want to escape from his lips.

"Well?!" His patience was wearing thing quickly.

"I heard you," Eizō would draw out from a bloodied lip before looking at him with the same exhausted look in his eyes, "But what do I have to explain to you while you just take their side? You're just like them...

against us."

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Not to Mince Words [Sen Hamakazi] Empty Re: Not to Mince Words [Sen Hamakazi]

Post by Sen Hamazaki on Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:05 pm

Sen never really liked hospitals. Sure, he respected the skills of those working there and he liked having them within the village fully equipped with the equipment needed to treat most wounds and certain illnesses, though the idea of visiting one has never been one he had been particularly fond of. Today was a special occasion, however, as one of his few surviving comrades from before he had raised his views beyond greed had worked as a personal specialist of his, one that he would visit on a monthly basis for treatment on some old wounds and any new ones which had appeared in-between visits.

"Boss, you should really stop doing that thing to yourself. If you do it too much then you'll do way more than just make them look ugly." Ganbu would just finish wrapping the bandages on his limbs back up, covering whatever new damage Sen had done to himself this time. He knew better than to speak openly about what sort of damage though, keeping things only vague so those in the patient wing with them wouldn't gain any sort of information about the kages newfound weakness. Sen may be working on being more open among others, but he wasn't about to let any sort of dangerous information come out.

His newly-patched wound stun like a missing scout from last week turning up dead, and he wasn't much in the mood of discussing what he should and shouldn't do with his own body, even if it's from a medical specialist. He planted a finger on his lips, signaling silence from his old comrade before the loud moans and hastened gasps of another would fill the room with a new topic for the kage to seg-way to. The drape covering the two swung open and out strode Sen directly towards the new arrival.

It was just some kid holding his head while a medic would already be treating whatever sort of wound he had on it. Tears masked his face, attempting to mask the clear feelings of anger that made his eyes glare and his nostrils flare. Sen only watched as the medic forced the boy to move his hands off of his head, where she would then begin work on disinfecting it. "Nasty bump. The skin's broken with some bleeding, though it doesn't seem to be enough damage to warrant any sort of medical ninjutsu." She spoke aloud to her aide; whom of which jotted down notes on a clipboard. Sen himself looked down at the angered boy, ignoring the slight surprise of the medic spotting approaching them.

"Who did this to you?" Considering how recent this sort of event was, it could only mean the assailant would either still be walking around free or was apprehended, and he was getting slowly more interested in handling this manner with each pained whimper the kid gave.

"I-It was some Uchiha kid! He just bumped into my friend and when we asked what his problem was he just wailed on us over and over again!" All Sen could do was watch with slight disappointment as the boy broke into crying, his sympathy nonexistent but not for the situation that had happened, but the fact that the boy was this weak. He wondered if he should make shinobi training a mandatory rule once things are more settled in the village and he gains the backing of some clans. At least then there wouldn't be such fragility as this, and maybe some mandatory training would also help expose people like him as well.

"He snapped my best friend's arm in two! I'm gonna pummel him" He wailed angrily, though Sen would already begin walking off. He already heard enough and could only guess that since it was another kid that did this that he should most definitely pay a visit to see if he was caught yet. Given how things are that "Uchiha kid" that had done this could cause plenty of problems should there be any word spreading around. "Of course it's an Uchiha.." He groaned as he made his way to the holding cells to get an update on the situation. Hopefully, just hopefully, it was a case of mistaken identity and not an incident involving one of the two clans actually making up a good part of the village.

"What do you know about who we're for or against, you stupid brat!" The guard raised his baton, ready to overstep his boundaries and deliver what he saw as a just beating to yet another one of their kind while his comrade turned a blind eye. Before only beatings fully began though, the door leading to the holding cells swung open, and there approached the Hokage. The appearance of the village leader was enough to catch the attention of one of the two guards whom of which would grab his ally just in time, getting his attention. "L-Lord Hokage! What are you doing here?"

Sen would stand in front of the cell the three were in, looking past the two towards the damaged Uchiha boy held within. Whatever frown he had only further become apparent as his hopes were dashed. If anything this is easy bait to become a political headache for him, and one he didn't wish to explain to any sort of clan elders he had planned to meet in the near future. He had to do something before someone had seen what was happening. "Did you both do this to him?!" He asked, his composure partially broken as he spoke in a more hushed tone to the two guards. The only thing worse than a kid getting into a scuffle with other kids would be two Konohagakure shinobi wailing on a kid. He'd kill the both of these guards here and now if they chose to go that far purely to blow off some superficial steam.

"No, but we're supposed to-"

"To what? Intimidate him? Go back to doing your other duties. I'll watch over him myself."

As the one that watched began to make his way out, the other stood his ground whether out of pride or out of stubbornness. "We need to stay here for the safety of any and all visitors."

That's all it took for Sen to force open the cell door, where he walked through and closed it behind him. He sized himself up against the slightly taller guard, his pink eyes glaring into the eyes of the man that had refused to leave, their chests almost touching from their close proximity. "Do I seem like I need protecting? Get out."

With a scoff, the two would finally leave the cell after giving him the key to it, leaving only Sen and the Uchiha alone together, where he would breathe a sigh of relief. Looking at the damaged sight of the prisoner of this cell would only make stress slowly creep up on Sen again as he knew he personally can't do anything to hide this damage. The messy hair and rustled clothing were one thing, but the cracked lip and bleeding eyebrow was another thing entirely. However, despite his appearance at the moment, Sen couldn't help but be skeptical about the damage someone of this slender-looking kid can do. "Was it true that you broke that kid's arm? His friend was crying about it in the hospital today. Sounded like you put in some solid work on them both." Sen would ask of the young Uchiha as he sat down nearby him, the robes he would be dressed in covering his more muscular form from being seen as he kept his distance from the boy of around a meter away.

"It sounds like you're not going to explain why you did what you did to them, but the info I was given was that you flat-out assaulted the both of them after purposely bumping into them and that was straight out of the crying mouth of the one that still has use of both of his arms. Is it true? Did you for some reason decide to pick a fight with two kids? Why?"

For some reason, Sen knew there was more to this story than just the wailing words of a boy, especially one that's trying to not get into trouble. He's been around enough liars to know there is more to this story, but his own personal feelings about that last name also make him unable to really rule anything out. As far as he knows he's sharing a room with some sort of criminal, but then again he could also be sharing one with someone that's merely misunderstood.

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