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Lamdem, Aethritis  Empty Lamdem, Aethritis

Post by Aethritis on Sat Aug 24, 2019 5:05 pm

Lamdem, Aethritis  Mugen-Samurai-Champloo-a

Name: Lamdem, Aethritis
Clan: N/A (none)
Age: 29
Birthday: May 1st
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Pansexual

Lamdem, Aethritis  KCVPpWP

Village: Wanderer
Rank: E-Rank

Name: Chakra Ocean
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has a naturally larger chakra pool, and has an easy time building that pool. As such they begin with a chakra pool of 60 and receive 1 additional Stat Point each time they rank up that MUST be used for their Chakra.

Name: Chakra Control Prodigy
Type: Positive
Description: Those who have this trait are gifted in the ways of chakra control. As such, anyone with this trait can make half hand seals (seals with one hand) where they would normally need to use two hands, and can have one other jutsu (including other concentration jutsu) in use while activating, using, and maintaining a concentration jutsu.

Name: Genjutsu Resistant
Type: Positive
Description: Those with this trait has an easier time detecting and overcoming genjutsu. The requirements to an escape a Genjutsu are one rank lower than they would be normally, and any effects of the genjutsu are also considered to be of a rank lower.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

Name: Jutsu Inept
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait find themselves having a hard time mastering and crafting new jutsu. Upon character creation they do not receive any free jutsu. Additionally, jutsu take 20% more WC to train.

Name: Chakra Inefficient
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally poor at molding their chakra, and as such any technique they use costs 10 chakra extra.

Lamdem, Aethritis  BaQM9Gf

Height: 6’0
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Dark-Teal, near black.
Eyes: Dark-Orange, near black.
General appearance: Aethritis usually wears a basic shirt with basic shorts, both made from cotton. The shorts are usually dark while the shirt is of a different shade of black (or white). Above the shirt is his usual red cloak, too big for his body. On the edges of the cloak are triangles of three different colors, appearing in a pattern. First is red, then a bronze-gold, then black. On the back of his cloak is a white triangle, a faded white circle surrounding it. Over the cloak is usually a sheath for the sword he always carries (a dark-purple sheath with  gold here and there). Aethritis’ hair is unkempt, resembling the likes of a bird’s nest. It stops at his neck, and covers about half of his ears. His physique is slender, possessing lean muscles under a thin layer of tanned skin and fat. Sometimes, one may find Aethritis wearing his signature jewelry (either two earrings, a necklace, two rings, or two armlets). Regardless of the item, they all share their material. Gold with a teal jewel in the center.

Lamdem, Aethritis  Tp2vyT2

Personality: Easygoing until you get in his way. He’ll talk to you, and just say how he feels upfront, no consideration for what the other person feels. The term ‘brutally honest’ holds true here. He’d rather have someone hate him for spewing the truth, rather than like him for lying.
He’s no hero, so he won’t go out of his way to solve someone else’s problems. If it doesn’t affect what he’s got going for him, he doesn’t care. Some might call this selfishness. He calls it proper time and priority management. He has no time for “My friend’s uncle’s dad is in trouble!” scenarios. Again, if it doesn’t immediately involve him, he’s not forcing his way into the situation just for accolades. Though, if he gets something out of it that helps him in his goals (for example, money), he’ll see what he can do.

Aethritis is patient and calm, but he’s also reckless at times. He knows when to hold back and be conservative of the things he does. And, he also knows when it’s time to cut loose. He knows when it’s time to clown around, and when it’s time to be deadly serious. This doesn’t mean there’s a “good day, bad day” thing going on here. It just means that he can read a room quite well. He’s empathetic, sure, but that won’t hold his thoughts back if it’s not hurting anyone. Does that make sense?

Likes/Dislikes: Adventure. He loves to get up and go at a moment’s notice. Anything he does, he does on a whim. He dislikes, however, when someone says one thing, and then changes their mind at the last second. It shows indecisiveness. He’d respect the person more if they acknowledged that they made a bad call, but went through with it anyways. It shows honor, and firmness in their beliefs, something Aethritis can get behind.

Besides that, there’s not much he dislikes. Conflict is just a moment to demonstrate how much one has grown since the last confrontation (verbally or physically). If he’s lied to, he sees it as a test of his ability to see through deception. That, or the other person might’ve been too scared to be honest with him, which…is fine too. Probably.
Ah, but of course! Aethritis loves strawberries, and dislikes cherries. How could anyone forget that? Other than that, the basic stuff. You know, thieves, rude people, the works.

Fears/Phobia’s: No fears except for one. when he was a kid, there was this insect that bit him. The doctors informed his parents that they may need to cut off his legs to save him from the venom. That…has stuck with him to this day. He had never figured out what kind of bug bite that was. Thus, he fears all insects (except those that don’t bite, or just suck blood, or…venomless). If it is known to have venom, he doesn’t become completely immobilized or useless. Quite the opposite actually. He’s in fight or flight mode, and is torching a place down with his screams alone! Lock him away if you want. In his mind, he saved someone from a spider bite.

Ideals and motivations: Somewhere out there, the thieves that stole his family’s jewelry are out there. So far, he’s only found one of them, a pair of earrings. The seven jewels are passed down from family member to family member, once they hit the age of 21. However, the night of his 21st birthday, the thieves came and took the jewelry. His goal is to get them back, and celebrate his next birthday coming up properly with the jewels present.

Other than that, he himself admits that it is addicting to see his progress from when he first started his search. From the days of being unable to wield a mere knife, to now predicting an opponent’s moves, he feels proud of himself. Despite the combat knowledge he possesses, he knows it pales in comparison to the thieves that know those strange techniques. What were they called? He didn’t know, but they used strange hand signs before using them. If he learned how to do that, maybe he stood a chance against them.

Oh, and he wants to learn how to make decent food. Yeah, that’s a thing he’s learning too. While you’re on the road, you might as well learn to eat like a king, right? I mean, if he didn’t learn, he’d just spend the rest of his life eating grilled fish. Tasty at first, yeah, but eventually sickening. Surely, there was a way to turn regular, unsavory vegetables into delectable treats too, right? Had to have been!

It's a long one, homies:

*The sword mentioned in this history is merely cosmetic until approved. The jewels are also just a plot device as well.
The original time of this happening remains unknown. One night, in a starry sky, an orange comet soared across. Those who were lucky to see it would go on to speak of it to their lineage. However, only a select chosen few were able to witness the ‘comet’ landing on an island. This island, later to be discovered by explorers in smaller pieces, would be named the ‘Star Islands’. Some who were awake, sailing that night swore to whatever gods they believed in that the sun had risen, only to fall again. A deafening explosion filled the night air, and the stars and clouds above would dance in a circle around the island.

When the actual sun rose, and the island now being in smaller pieces, sailors went to investigate. On the different pieces of the island, they found large coal deposits, thick trees, and other resources in large quantities! If one were to establish civilization here, they would be taken care of naturally. And, thus, they did. Many years passed after the discovery of the newly named ‘Star Islands’. To this day, the residents (and even those who visit) cannot explain the happenings of this place. One example would be if someone were to strip fruit from a tree completely, an apple, tomorrow would instantly bring more. Or, if someone chopped down the apple tree, tomorrow would just replace it with another of a different fruit (pear, plum, orange, lemon, etc.).  Or, if someone were to mine coal, it would just…’grow’ back. The strangest of all would be the water. Naturally, sea water was too salty to consume. However, if one were to drink the water in a certain radius near the island-… Well, it’s obvious by now, isn’t it? The water would be turned into fresh, sprint water! Why? How? No one could ever explain. But the stars knew, surely. And, if the swirling stars above the island could speak-…

The island, filled with either the founders’ or visitors’ children, provided for all who asked. As time went on, odd teal jewels would be discovered either above or below ground, sometimes in the sea. There were seven in total, and they would go on to be embedded in golden items. Each were given to the original founding families of the island (to their current heads). While unspoken among them, there was an agreement that one family was considered the head of them all. Why? Because they found a sword stuck in a ground on one island, within a crater. No, they weren’t the first by any means. Other families have tried to remove the sword. It refused to move except for the one of the families. This would be the one Aethritis was born into. And, as such, the sword would belong to him.

It has become tradition to them that, at age 21, they are recognized as a true, matured adult. As such, the original head of the family steps down, and allows the younger blood in. However, no definitive decisions were made without the previous generation’s approval, so…there’s that. Each family had their tradition, some being public while others private. Aethritis’ family was public, since the seven families had come up with it. “At age 21, let the one with the sword bear the jewels.” That was Aethritis at the time.

On the night of his birthday, he hadn’t worn the items yet. He was about to, the families gathering and presenting them to his father. Then, what happened next was quick. The jewels were stolen by figures in strange clothes, using odd techniques. Aethritis, enraged, ran to retrieve them with the other family heads, but failed along with them. The seven jewels were stolen.

The effects were immediately felt by the islanders the next day, aside from their spirit. The island, after having its resources taken, refused to produce as quickly as it did. The water, once fresh, had become salty. And, slowly, the people of the island had made plans to leave, or else dehydration and starvation would set in. The trees still produced fruit, yes. However, the people now had to be very cautious of what resources they used. It was here that the villagers learned that the jewels should not leave this island. Or, maybe they shouldn’t leave the sword? Those thieves-… They came and ruined something they had no idea about. But, luckily, they forgot the sword. Needless to say, Aethritis, now 21, was upset. He vowed to go out there and find the jewels, eventually getting a lead to go off of. Someone had seen those techniques before. He’d take a boat and some fruit to sustain himself as he sailed.

Years later, Aethritis was now 25. He had yet to find a single jewel, and was now giving up hope. It wasn’t until his sword was pulling away from him, attracted to something. He was confused until he saw someone wearing a teal earring. The sword was reacting to one of the jewels some weirdo was wearing! After confronting them, Aethritis receives the earring, the sword’s pulling ceasing. As Aethritis hurries to sail back home, he’s stopped by this weirdo. He informs him of the jewels and sword’s origin, Aethritis stating he already knew. The weirdo introduces himself as ‘Yosho’, and wanted to accompany the man. At first, he declined, but then the offer to further improve the rather dull blade was good enough for him.

Back at the island, a resident was sipping on the salty water on accident. They were shocked to taste…fresh water! They ran to tell the islanders, and soon, everyone was drinking from the sea again! As they were, they would all meet with Aethritis returning, he presenting the earring. The villagers declined, stating that the water may just turn back salty without the sword. Yosho then pointed out that the jewels only work when near the sword's wielder. As in, the water was fresh before Aethritis even thought about setting sail for home. The islander that originally sipped the water confirmed that Aethritis was not here yet when he drunk. Aethritis and Yosho then set off to look for the other six, the sword-wielding man relaxed in now knowing that he doesn’t have to rush home the moment he reclaims a jewel.

After years of searching, finally, Aethritis had found them. Age 29, he and Yosho had found the thieves' ship. He watched the six of them either on board, or near the ship, feeling a pull from the sword. The jewels were here, and he wouldn’t be leaving without them.

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Lamdem, Aethritis  Empty Re: Lamdem, Aethritis

Post by Miyuki on Sat Aug 24, 2019 5:52 pm

Bear in mind that the sword and the jewels you mention must be apped and paid for as items (you don't start with them). Otherwise, really great work! Approved~

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